"I Remember You"

I ran across this moving poem on Facebook recently, and had to share it with you. With Rev. Hatchell’s permission, I present you with a poem written by a father who deeply regrets the abortion of his child. Please take a couple minutes to read this:

Sanctity of Human Life – ” I Remember You “
By Rev. Darrell Hatchell

I never got to hold you, or see your lovely face
In our daily, routined lives, there really is no trace
To prove that you existed or that you were conceived
But I will not forget you, dear precious child of mine
You are ever present, in my heart, my soul, my mind

Oh, how much I regret, the choices made back then
When I lived, so very deep, in the muck and mire of sin
Wandering aimlessly, groping in darkness, the only life I knew
And so with societies approval, we aborted you

O, how I wish, I could have known about the guilt, shame, and despair
Or how much I would want to hold you, and tell you that I care
O, how much I miss you, though we have never met,
You are still a part of me, and so I wont forget

Until the day God calls me home, and I meet him face to face
In that land of perfect day, where sin will have no place
I know that I shall meet you, and know you as you are
When God shall wipe from my mind, my sin, my shame, my scars.

Did this make you cry? It made me. This, my friends, is why we are in this movement for life. We’re here to change and save lives. 
I’m often told to stop telling women what to do with their bodies, and to stop forcing my morals on the world. As pro-lifers we’re accused of not caring about anything but “fetuses”. We’re told that fighting for abortion is wrong, because who are we to judge what is right and wrong? 
Let me tell you that those fluffy phrases do not come near to describing me, or why I fight for life.
I fight for life not only because abortion ends the lives of innocent babies, but also because it permanently damages the lives of at least two other people: the mother and father. We need to remember that there are at least three lives affected by every abortion: the baby, mother, and father. 
You can tell me, as someone did recently, that abortion does not hurt women, that it’s not a big deal, but that is simply not true. Killing a person leaves a huge amount of guilt on a person’s conscience, whether or not they choose to recognize it.  Rev.  Hatchell courageously shared his heart in this poem, and I hope it reminds you of why fighting against injustice is so important. I am committed, as a pro-life advocate, to saving lives of unborn babies, but also the lives of mothers and fathers, post-abortive parents, and anyone involved or touched by abortion. I am here to stand up not ‘just’ for babies, but for anyone who has been hurt by abortion. 
We’re not in this just for some lives. We’re in this for all life, because all life is sacred – born and unborn.
Are you in?

5 thoughts on “"I Remember You"

  1. I am in too! Just like our little "drop in the ocean" can ripple and effect so many people for good, the devastation of abortion ripples through families, communities and the world. We are all touched (harmed) and greatly diminished when even one innocent life is lost to abortion. How many of those babies would have been the one to cure cancer or be the next Mother Teresa? We will never know.


  2. I love your blog! It is truly beautiful to see someone else fighting for our future generation. Kaleo told me about your blog and I decided to check it out (I also have a pro life blog on Blogger). I'm glad I did! Keep doing what you do!


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