What’s next?

Over the last couple weeks, in a renewed zeal for sharing my thoughts, I’ve sat down and written a couple posts. They came easily, and I enjoyed the distant but familiar joy of sharing what’s on my mind. But they didn’t make it to your screen. I was too incredulous at the dumbness of the world that my words would probably definitely be regretted.

The world hasn’t really calmed down since then, but I’m here, finally ready to take this thing head on.

Thankfully, taking on San Francisco hills for work has proven to be less difficult than taking on our culture.

Since graduating and beginning life in the real world a couple months ago, I’ve been thinking about my place in all this craziness. That may never be crystal clear. But I do clearly know that I can’t be silent right now. I’m not one to ever be silent about things that matter. But lately it’s been too overwhelming to comprehend. We all know it.

I’m going to start writing again anyway.

If there’s ever a time we needed person to person dialogue, this is it.

We need to discuss things that matter. We need to remember each other’s humanity when we disagree. We need to challenge ourselves and people we can reach to build the future we hope for.

I’m starting small, and not making any promises. But I am back (with a prettier blog!). And I’m here to tackle our culture, current events, and life as a Catholic in a world increasingly against me. What’s next? A whole lot of fun breaking down the issues and getting to the heart of the issues we’re all struggling with.

Welcome to the ride! If there’s anything you want to discuss, contact me anytime. You can bet there are fun things in the works already 😉

To Life,




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