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There are a variety of organizations that offer free books to bloggers in exchange for an honest review. On this page you’ll find my thoughts on random books I’ve read through some of these programs, to which I did not dedicate a specific post. Enjoy!

 Limitless by Nick Vujicic

“This book (written by a man without limbs) is a testimony to what God can do in your life when you give your life to Him. Vujicic writes from the heart, and intertwines his personal story with beautiful devotions that will challenge you to see yourself without the limits the world puts on us. With God, everything is possible. Life is limitless.”

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

“This was the first fiction book I’ve read in a long time, and I was glad to discover that my love of reading has not vanished over time. Forever Friday was kind of a blah story to me, though. There wasn’t much of a plot – it’s more of a book to read to occupy time. The characters did not appeal to me very much, and I disagreed with some of the life choices they made. Overall, it was nice to sit down and enjoy reading again, but this book wasn’t anything special for me.”

On Heaven and Earth by Pope Francis

“While I enjoyed the conversational aspect of this book (and how two vastly different religious authority figures worked together), the book was not really my style. It jumped around topics, and did not flow very well. And I found the writing style to be somewhat over my head at points. It’s definitely something to digest in little bits.”

St. Peter’s Bones by Thomas Craughwell

“This book went into great historical depth, and I learned a lot about the history of St. Peter’s bones. Downside? There’s no definite ending! No sure conclusion! It’s a good book, but short and a little less than I was expecting.”

Encountering Truth: Meeting God in the Everyday

“This is a collection of excerpts from homilies given by Pope Francis. I enjoy the way they are formatted, and that they are about a page long. Each has a poignant message I have found beneficial to think about. This is a great book to read as a devotional in the morning or evening!”

The Time Garden (Coloring Book)

Reviewed: 4/11/2016

“How fun to review a coloring book! This new trend is catching on, and I enjoyed this coloring book. It has more intricate details than other adult coloring books, and has a story intertwined. I think that’s neat. The illustrations are nicely made, and this is a good coloring book if you’re into this trend.”

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