NAS: Lent Check In



We’re more than half way through Lent… how’s it going?! What did you decide to give up/take up? Did you make any spiritual goals? How have you grown thus far and how do you hope to make the most of the remainder of the season?

This Lent started with what I realize now were rather *ahem* ambitious goals. I hung them up as my “Lent 2015 Plan for Bossness” on the wall next to the sink where I brush my teeth. I even went so far as to type out a Lenten holy things to-do list for each specific day of the week. I printed them out, crossed things off for a week or so . . .

And now those little papers are sitting (untouched) in my stack of papers.

Figures, right?

Pretty much anyone who looked at my goals would know they were ridiculous. And I should have known it too. I did somewhere in the back of my head. God must have been chuckling a bit knowing instead of being a total boss at my epic plan, he would give me opportunities to be humbled.

To be honest, I was incredibly burnt out heading into spring break. Trying to be a boss at Lent and doing so many of my normal things at the same time can tire me out at times. And it did. In many ways.

From school I went home for about 24 hours because of a wonderfully generous offer to fly me back to meet people and make work connections. It was a lovely, packed, day. After that I took my first red-eye flight and then 3 more legs to New York to spend a week+ on a college student retreat and service work program run by the Sisters of Life outside of NYC at a retreat house.

And you know those times when you just know you’re where you’re supposed to be? This was one of them.

It felt pretty crazy to fly clear across the country by myself to spend 10 days with people I had never met. The flights were stressful because of some being delayed and having to sprint to make the next ones. I was so worn out that I ended up in tears at some point. On a plane. Thankfully I was able to pull myself together and made it to the lovely retreat house.

I was completely disconnected from the internet for the week (which was expected). And when I checked my phone at night, I gloriously didn’t have 20 texts to attend to. This time was truly a gift I was more than happy to take advantage of.

It was beautiful to have time to forget about homework and remind myself of what is important in life. We helped at many places around NYC, including a place for the homeless and one of their convents where pregnant moms stay with them. We went to Mass and did liturgy of the hours with the sisters each day. And a holy hour most days.

That time in adoration was calming and refreshing. I needed it. During the 1.5 day long of silence (as a retreat), I seriously spent 6 out of like 21 hours in the presence of JESUS. Oh yeah! And I was so struck during that time how much God loves me. Personally. As Laura.

Throughout the week, the sisters and the talks just kept affirming the worth of the human person. And so many times people touched on our worth for who we are (children of God created in his image), not what we do. We need to be more, not do more, they said. And that’s probably when God chuckled again and I got another serving of humble pie.

It was fabulous.

I’ve written on those topics and put much of my time into affirming other people. But over this break I realized how essential it is to maintain this level of contentedness within myself. After all, we can’t give what we don’t have, right? I had been going into debt trying to give what I didn’t have. So…

I just sat there and basked in Jesus’ love. It’s pretty amazing, folks, how he loves us unconditionally. It was one of those times where I was reminded how faith is an encounter with Jesus, not just something in my head. To know I am loved put a smile on my face.

And now, looking at Lent, it seems like a total failure because I haven’t done everything I said I would. But you know what has happened? One of those times of conversion of heart. I could have just floated on clouds when it clicked how much I am loved. If I could whistle, I might have done that going down the hall to bed. But I can’t whistle. So scratch that.

This Lent has had its ups and downs. And I am so thankful for both. What a glorious thing it is to know more deeply God’s love!

To Life,


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To know I am loved

When things go right, when things go wrong, knowing I am loved by you changes the way I live. It puts a smile on my face, and peace in my soul. It keeps my heart beating.

Knowing I am loved by you, I can close my eyes in your presence and be sure you are still there. You dry my tears but let them fall when they need to. You make me want to love better.

I can speak to you for hours as I sit with you or as I fall asleep. Sometimes we talk because I’m mad, other times because I want to sit and hear your voice. You’ve heard it all and love me still.

Whether I look at the stars, or into someone’s eyes, I am constantly reminded of your glory. No matter where I am, you are with me. Every step of the way.

In everything you do and are, you remind me of my worth because of who I am, not because of what I do. Nothing I do can change your unconditional love. And no words can properly communicate the contentedness your love gives.

Whatever life throws at me, I am confident that I can not only survive, but also thrive, because you are here. Always and everywhere by my side. Success doesn’t depend on my strength alone, which is a wonderful thing. I would fail on my own. You are always there. I just have to acknowledge that in the way I live. And I can’t help but smile and be grateful for your love, because I do not deserve it.

When human words fail, all I have to do is look to your face as you hang on the cross to know that I am loved.

Thank you for loving me.

To Life,


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NAS: Spiritual Writings


What are some of your favorite or go-to books, devotionals or even blogs that help encourage you in your spiritual life?

Finally participating with Jen and Morgan again! This seemed like a great time to share spiritual books and such as Lent begins.

Books I’ve Read

Books I Will Eventually Read

There are so many more on my shelf, it’s kind of ridiculous. But so exciting too! I just love learning more about my faith. Right now for my Great Catholic Thinkers class, we’re working on Three to Get Married which is blowing my mind. Seriously. You don’t have to be married or engaged to read it. It talks about the nature of love and oh my gosh. I can’t stop fangirling over it. Go order it! We finished Peace of Soul a bit ago in that class which had some incredible points as well – a good read for Lent.

Reading gets so much more exciting after Christmas!


Otherwise, I don’t visit blogs or websites regularly for spiritual reading. I do read articles as they come up, and then will pin the best of what I read to my faith board. Lots of good quotes go on there too :-)

What are some of your favorite books? Articles?

To Life,


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Lose yourself to find yourself

Hear alarm.


Do I have to do this again?

Get up.

Chug coffee.

Lament bad news going around the web.

Work or classes.


Answer emails.

Check in on social media.

Crawl into bed wondering where the day went.





Sound too familiar? Don’t worry, it does to me too.

So much of the time we go about our lives going through the motions. I look back on some days and wonder what I did. Did I create meaningful memories? Did I stop and smell the alfalfa – enjoy the sunshine, spend time in prayer, and ask good questions of the people I came in contact with?

To be honest, the answers to those questions are not always great.

Sometimes I could have handled conversations much more graciously. I could have been more thoughtful. And for me, it comes down the choices I make. Did I choose to think about other people’s needs before my own? Or was I so focused on powering through my day that I didn’t notice a couple people I said “hi” to really weren’t doing okay?

Especially in the US, we talk about college being a time to “find yourself”. So I should be focusing on myself and living everyday focused on myself, right?

Well, no.

Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

From my (oh so extensive) experience, this is mind-blowingly true. When I focus on myself, I become selfish, because I’m thinking only about myself. But when I reach beyond myself and ask how I can impact other people for the common good, we’re all left a little better. You are doing better because who doesn’t appreciate being paid attention to. And I’m doing better because helping people builds relationships and makes me appreciate the awesomeness of our differences.

So this Lent, and in life in general, I want to do a better job paying attention to the needs of others. I’m going to step outside myself, and serve other people. Not because people I know are charity cases, but because the world would be better off if we lost ourselves in service more often. If we crucified our desires by asking what we could do for others, how much better off would we be? Because when we take that step, we know people better and can identify with people more easily. We see ourselves in common struggles, and become more fully who we were made to be by walking other people’s journeys with them.

That’s what compassion is, after all – to suffer with someone. To walk beside you and go through things with you as we navigate whatever life throws at us. So can I pray for anything specific for you this Lent? Do you need a coffee date so I can listen to whatever is going on in your life? Would a handwritten note mean a lot to you? Can I call you? Do you want to chat over Facebook or emails?

I would love to give my time to you.

Because our lives are better when they are lived for something bigger than ourselves.

Let’s make an effort to extend ourselves more often, to reach beyond our personal desires into the needs of our communities. Because guess what? It’s there where our true colors will shine through, where our character will be tested, and our greatest traits will be forged.

Are you willing to step beyond yourself to make that happen? Let’s do this together!

To Life,


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Goals: January & Lent

After setting some lofty goals for this year, you could guess how well it’s been going.

No, this plan has actually not crashed and burned.

It’s actually been okay.


Life is a work in progress, and I am confident that I’m heading in the right direction – even if I haven’t mastered ALL the things yet.

Daily readings get looked at most days, and I have read some incredible books for my Fulton Sheen class. Homework has been getting done MUCH more ahead of time, and I’ve actually written a bit for Live Action. I broke my 5k record by over 2 minutes too!

This Lent I didn’t want to do the standard give up chocolate and Facebook. I’ve done it before, and it just never does anything. I have the willpower to do something, but then fall right back into bad habits after Easter.


Because I didn’t change my habits. A Matthew Kelly quote keeps going through my head:

Matthew Kelly Our Live Change


Because of that, this Lent I’ll be working on developing good habits (and getting rid of bad ones). Without further ado, here is my Lenten 2015 Plan for Bossness:


  • Read from Fulton Sheen devotional book every morning
  • 40 DFL prayers everyday (not TR)
  • Rosary everyday
  • Adoration 3x/week + Saturday holy hour
  • Daily Mass 2x/week
  • Pray Litany of Humility everyday


  • Limit computer usage
    • Morning: Check emails and Facebook
    • Lunch: Check emails & up 30 minutes of articles/posts
    • Evening: Check emails and Facebook
  • Read 4 books: Come Be My Light, Spirituality of Fasting, TOB for Beginners, Joy of Full Surrender (30 min/day)
  • Share blog post on each one
  • Journal for a short time (maybe 10ish minutes) each day
  • Go 1 day/week without social media (only allowed to check school email 2x)

Almsgiving/Thankfullness/Giving of Myself

  • Helping local families (this is not technically part of Lent, but I’m starting to help out families right now which kind of coincides)
  • Write 1 faith-related post/week: share the beauty of truth!
  • Go outside abortion clinic every Saturday I can
  • Add over 40 things that I’m thankful for to my notebook
  • Make myself available for spending more time with people

I have mixed thoughts looking at this. On one hand, it sounds kind of crazy. But on another hand, I don’t think it’s hard enough. Jesus DIED for each of us. Individually. What more can I do to observe this season? Nothing really is enough. So I’m not really sure. But I’m going to give this a shot and challenge myself :-)

If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them! And now, tell me: what is YOUR Lenten plan for becoming a boss?

To Life,


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50 Shades of Awesome

Once upon a time I was Black Friday shopping and left this note on a 50 Shades of Grey display:


Yes, this could have been much more positive. I will write something much more epic next time!

Yesterday I was at Target and left a lovely Mother Teresa meditation inside another copy ;-)

50 Shades of Grey is coming out in theaters soon. In an ideal world, I would be outside theaters handing theater-goers some sort of material telling them about love – what true love really is.  But I’m not Catholic enough to bi-locate (or tri-locate – is that a thing?). Dagnabit.

Actually, in an ideal world this “phenomenon” wouldn’t exist.

When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took off, we looked at it in a class trying to figure out why it became so popular. Right now I’m trying to wrap my head about the 50 Shades “phenomenon”.

Why is this so popular?

Quite simply, this is wildly popular because our country is obsessed with sex. But who didn’t know that already? Just take a look at magazines, Carl’s Jr. trying to sell women (err, hamburgers?), and the stress put on people to bare it all Kim Kardashian style. But I digress. Kim is a whole other post.

People defend 50 Shades by saying the so-called “mommy porn” is just a love story: a naive young woman is introduced to the broken world of a hurt man. He pulls her into his BDSM lifestyle and yay! She learns stuff and he finds release from his past. It’s all consensual, they say. Nobody gets hurt because they have “safe words”, right?

Not so fast.

Did you know [SPOILER] that Christian forces Anastasia to get an abortion? Did you know that this book is so poorly written it barely has a story-line besides the graphic scenes? Did you know it started as Twilight fan fiction?

So what is going on with this book?

You can argue with me whether you think 50 Shades is harmful. But I have a thesis, a hypothesis of sorts. I’m fairly certain this “phenomenon” is a symptom of our country’s obsession with sex. But why is it like that in the first place? Why is this all people talk about in the media?

*Enter my go-to homeboy Bishop Fulton Sheen*

Our society is obsessed because:

1. “[L]oss of belief in God. Once people lose God, they lose the purpose of life; and when the purpose of living is forgotten, the universe becomes meaningless.”

2. A “desire to escape from the responsibility of living and from the unbearable voice of an uneasy conscience”

3. The “modern denial of immorality”

4. The “equating of humans with animals”

We’ve probably all heard the idea that humans were made to love and be loved. And I’m fairly certain that’s part of everybody wanting to be happy.

But when we try to satisfy this inner desire with material things, we’re sure to be disappointed because there “is no surer formula for discontent than to try to satisfy our cravings for the ocean of Infinite Love from the teacup of finite satisfactions.”

The popularity of 50 Shades shows me something good: that people still recognize the desire to be loved. What’s sad to see is how (MILLIONS of) people try to go about fulfilling that desire.

We live as if everyone’s version of truth is a-okay – that this train wreck of a 50 Shades phenomenon is too hard to stop. But the fact is that we were made for things far greater than 50 Shades. And we need to be able to admit that. 50 Shades of Grey is incapable of showing us what love is all about because “[t]he infinite cravings of a soul cannot be satisfied by the flesh alone.”

We are made up of body and soul. Because of that, we cannot be satisfied with BDSM so-called romance novels. It is impossible. Our culture’s ravenous attitude toward 50 Shades shows us how utterly insatiable this desire for love is when we try to fill an ocean with a teacup.

So what the heck are we supposed to do about this obsession? In light of the four problems above, I propose that we as a culture need to:

1. Realize we are incapable of fully experiencing love without Love himself as part of the picture. When we seek love, we are searching for Him. Making anything else our goal in life will leave us disappointed.

2. Own up to our faults and realize the mind-blowing awesomeness of seeking a life with a higher purpose going beyond things of the flesh.

3. Realize it’s okay to say that some things are inherently wrong.

4. Challenge the idea that we are slaves to our passions.

And bonus! Be satisfied. There’s a guy out there who would sacrifice his own life for you. And he’s more than a Christian. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’m telling you he already died for you. His name is Jesus.

And I’d say that’s more than 50 Shades of Awesome.

To Life,


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P.P.S. If you or someone you know struggles with this issue, please go to Fight the New Drug or purchase the book Delivered for resources, hope, and healing.

P.P.P.S. Here are 50 things to know about 50 Shades. Knowledge is power. Watch it!

Marching doesn’t save babies. You do.

We’re back from the March for Life and different blog posts have been going through my mind for the last day. I could talk about . . .

  • how inspiring it was to leave campus with a few hundred people who were PUMPED about being pro-life
  • how discouraging it is that far less than a quarter of those people will stay engaged in pro-life activities this semester
  • the awesomeness of ecumenism at the March
  • blatant misrepresentation of the March by the media
  • the need to be careful to not make life an issue only for religious people
  • how so many people check “pro-life” off their to-do list after marching but don’t do anything else
  • the pro-“choice” people who tried to stop the March and refused to comply with the police
  • the civil right movement parallels
  • politicians who are not practicing what they preach
  • the new brand of feminism making waves in pro-life circles
  • the ridiculous fact that people can’t agree a 20 week abortion ban makes sense

There’s so, so much to be said. I’ve been reading, looking at all the pictures and soaking it all in – trying to figure out what I want to say. And obviously from the list, you can see there are plenty of thoughts that could be developed more. But so much of them are negative. So much of my thoughts after the March are disappointing.

Because I know the march is only one day.

Marching is one day – one battle. But our victory over the culture of death depends on winning the overall war, not just a single battle each year.

Being in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people reminds me that I am not alone in my beliefs. It also reminds me that when it does feel lonely and things get frustrating, I have to persevere. I cannot let this war happen in our world without putting on some armor and doing my part. Lives depend on it.

God has called each of us in our own way to be part of challenging the powers that be who tell us abortion and other attacks on human life are okay. We are not called to chill on our iPads or spend hours on Facebook. We are freaking meant to




Maybe it’s just smiling at a stranger today, volunteering somewhere each month, or sending a note home to your momma. Maybe it’s getting back to church. Or standing up for the truth in everyday conversations. Or taking time to educate yourself. Or making a plan for how to integrate your pro-life beliefs into your job. Or just striving to be really, really good at whatever you’ve been given talent in.

Whatever it is, just do it.

Please don’t wait until next year’s march. Because guess what? If we all just rolled up our sleeves, did the dirty work, and stopped making excuses it would be amazing.

During a recent homily, a priest talked about how we try to fit God into our daily schedules. But in reality, true peace only comes when we abandon ourselves to His will. We have to ask and pursue what He made us for, because nothing else will quench our thirst.

Are you with me? Yes, it makes me slightly squeamish too. That’s part of why “abandon” is my theme of the year. I need the challenge. I need to work on asking God to use me to accomplish his plan for the world, not trying to figure out how I can fix ALL the things.

I can’t. You can’t.

This frustrates me to no end because being pro-life is simple. Every life is a gift. That’s it. That people can not or refuse to recognize that makes me sad for those who have not seen the beauty of it. Seeing life as a beautiful gift changes how I live, and knowing people have not encountered this beauty makes me want to cry. There are people making traumatic choices because they are broken and lost and hurt and we need to help them.

Please will you try to not forget about this?

Don’t forget the united power of hundreds of thousands of people.

Don’t forget that people are dying.

Don’t forget that people who don’t know better depend on us to give them the new message.

Our world is crying for lack of love and hope – the two most basic things the pro-life movement is all about. The good news is that evil has been conquered by love. Love always wins. And each of us is given the tools to be part of history by simply standing up.

So stand up.

Know what you believe.

Talk about it.

Fight for it.

Walk the walk.

Because simply moving our feet doesn’t save babies. But we can. We can touch hearts. We can be good friends to our brothers and sisters in a broken world. We can show people the beauty of life through our witness. God can use any of us to do great things. We can join together and tell our society we’ve had enough of its lies. We can give people hope. We can love people we come in contact with.

A single march isn’t going to change the world. But you can do something. You are capable of being a witness to the beauty of life. Your first step – our first steps – are just the beginning of the end of death.

So let’s start today.

To Life,


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What the pro-life movement has taught me

My first memorable contact with the pro-life movement was going to some sort of rally around 9 years old. It was at our state capital and all I can really remember are the graphic pictures.

Fast forward to 2011 when I went to the Walk for Life West Coast and BAM. That fall I started working for Live Action, and the rest, you could say, is history. At first, learning about the injustice of abortion made me incredulous and sad. How could people think it’s okay? Who would do such a thing? So I did things like self-righteously post something on Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page. And then I would argue with the people who did things like call me a lesbian nun (yes, that was a real comment – my favorite insult!)

Now, four years later, I don’t think about it the same way. So here’s what I’ve learned.

what being pro life has taught me

1. Being pro-life isn’t all about babies.

Statistically speaking, abortion has wiped out more lives than any other single tragic event/disease/etc in human history. That’s a pretty big deal. But the fact is that babies aren’t given life if their moms don’t choose to give it to them. So you have to reach the woman first. You have to genuinely love her, because let’s be real:


So please avoid fetus tunnel vision at all costs.

2. Sometimes being pro-life makes life hard

When couples receive the news their baby will most likely not live long after birth, many would like to take the “easy” route by having an abortion and “trying again”. But couples like Trevor and Hayley show us that making a hard choice that respects the life of people like their daughter Veyda may be hard, but it is always worth it.


3. Working in the pro-life movement is inherently sacrificial

Want to stand out in bone-chilling cold praying for people you’ve never met? Is having people remove themselves from your life a thrilling possibility? Does being yelled and cussed at sound like your cup of tea? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you just might be called to get involved in pro-life work!

On a more serious note, making your mission to defend other people makes a lot of people grow in humility and love for others. Why? Because we’re not the ones being aborted. The majority of people who do pro-life work do it for other people. Some people have personal stories that drove them to do pro-life work, but other people like me not so much. I do it because I care about people. And you know what I’ve found? That saying “You find yourself by losing yourself in service to others” is spot on. If more people got involved in pro-life work we would lose a lot of the selfishness in the world.


4. We don’t agree on everything, but we can all agree on one thing

LGBT pro-life group? Secular pro-life group? Great. We agree about life. That’s what we’re here for. If you want to grab some coffee and chat other issues, great. But when we do pro-life work, we’ve got to be able to work together toward a common goal without letting our differences divide us.


5. Being pro-life means ALL life at ALL stages

Consistency is key, or being pro-life doesn’t make sense. We have to always be pro-life, even when it comes to issues that don’t involve smiling babies. Take, for example: euthanasia, death penalty, the porn industry, and human trafficking. Let’s talk about the over-sexualization of people in the media too. There are so many issues dealing with human dignity that we have to be careful to not limit the pro-life movement by putting it in a tiny box labeled “abortion”. It’s so much more.


6. Love conquers all

Ultimately, we do what we do because we are called to love our brothers and sisters. We see a hurt world suffering at the hands of evil. But we have hope because love is stronger than death. Love has already conquered evil on the cross, and it’s our job now to show we the world that “We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song”.


Like many things in life, being active in the pro-life movement is not easy. But it’s worth it. It has challenged me, pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and givens me so many reasons to have hope for our world. It is raising up a generation of soldiers for truth.

It’s been 4 years now doing this crazy stuff, and I look forward to the many years to come. As I attempt to use my life to show the world the beauty and dignity of every human person, may we work together tirelessly in this movement. After all, when people look back on history and how we dealt with threats to the dignity of life, what side do you want to say you were on? Did you stand by the sidelines and watch? Or did you do something?

It’s up to you.

To Life,


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Hitting the ground running

Christmas break ended and BAM. Hello last half of junior year!

The last few days have been an adjustment after a month long break. All of a sudden more seems to be expected of me in my classes than ever before. Assignments were given before the first day of class. Papers are due a week from the first day of class. Teams were assigned. Quizzes taken. Participation expected. Books to be read.

Whew. And we’re only three days in.

Looking at my class schedule, I expected this semester to be hard. And it certainly will be. There’s not much wiggle room for messing around or procrastinating. My classes demand the best of my effort. And I cannot fathom how all the reading and group work is going to happen. But happen it will. So I better get my game face on.

My Great Catholic Thinkers class on Fulton Sheen is my favorite right now. He is such a BOSS. And did you know his real name wasn’t Fulton? Mind blown! It was actually Peter. Though there’s a lot of reading for that class, I am immensely enjoying it as we plow through his autobiography before getting into 6 other books.

Our discussion in Ethics was interesting, and I’m sure will bring up many fascinating topics. Business classes haven’t introduced anything new yet, but involve some psychology this semester which I enjoy! And then there’s Hip Hop. Why I am taking that class, I am still not sure. I feel like a dork in there, and it pushes me beyond my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. Oh and we have to perform in a showcase in May. It’s been a long time since my feet have seen the stage, and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet.

We’re taking 300+ students to the March for Life in D.C. this week! It will be my third time going, and being a “bus captain” will be fun. Life has been going non-stop since getting back to campus, but the sun is out (seriously over 50 degree today – WHAT?!) and it’s been so nice to see people again. I’m realizing what a short time is left before graduating, so I plan to make the most of my last three semesters.

So many opportunities. So much to do. But I’m loving it.

I’ve been here long enough to know my way around and know what I’m doing. I know what classes require of me. I know what I am capable of. And I know that I’m up for a challenge.

Bring it, last semester of junior year!

To Life,


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NAS: A Typical Day

Joining back in the fun with Jen and Morgan! If you’re not familiar with this series, go check out their blogs to find out more.

This week we’re talking about: Let’s get back in the swing by sharing what our typical day is like! Tell us however you like, minute by minute or a blurb about your day! Be sure to answer these questions:

- What is your favorite part of your day?
- What is your least favorite part of your day?
- Are you making any changes to your daily routine now that the new year has begun?

Since it’s still technically break, here’s what a typical good day at school would look like:

Mornings – Get up at 6 (beating the sun feels like a boss), most of the time say a morning offering as I get up. Work out for 45ish minutes. Shower. Breakfast. Sometimes I’d do something quick in my dorm, but sometimes I meet people in the cafeteria which is lots of fun.

More morning – The real work begins at 9am with classes or work depending on the day. Either way, my morning is packed until noon when I eat lunch, check emails, do social media, and wonder where two hours went. Seriously. I could never figure out how my class at 2 came so quickly.

Afternoon – More classes. Depending on the day, I’ll be done around 3 or 4. Then time for dinner. Sometimes it’s in the cafeteria. Sometimes we have a spontaneous Taco Bell run. Sometimes we make things. It depends.

Evening – Sometimes meetings, sometimes mass, more emails, social media, homework, fun events, dance parties, microwave cookies, reading, and whatever else comes up . . . as in the occasional staying up until the wee hours of the morning/night because conversations are just THAT awesome.

Bed – Is any explanation necessary here? I go to bed, not usually at a decent time. Before midnight is an accomplishment. The best nights are when I’ve worked so hard and enjoyed the day so fully that I fall asleep so quickly my hamster wheel brain doesn’t have a chance to get started.

My favorite part of the day, contrary to many other people, is getting up. It’s quite a struggle bus when I went to bed too late. But I do not hit snooze. It’s up and at ‘em, even if I made the dumb decision to deprive myself of sleep. Seeing the sun rise and thinking about the potential of each day is just so epic! And slaying my desire to sleep longer makes me feel like a boss. Sometimes I blast a song or kickbox as I brush my teeth because who knows what you need to be prepared for during any given day?

My least favorite part of the day is having to do things like homework. Not all homework is bad, but I’d much rather be chatting by the fire, reading, or planning how to take over the world.

Do I want to make changes to my routine? OH YES! See the awkward lunch break? I have GOT to figure out how to best use that time so it doesn’t disappear. I am determined to get off social media more so I have time for other things. I also am determined to force myself to do a solid hour of homework without getting distracted in the afternoon before letting myself do fun things. That’s partially because at night it would be nice to have time to do more with people instead of having to do homework, partially because it’s something I should be doing anyway.

Also! If you do daily mass readings, do you have a favorite way to read them? I forget to read them if they’re digital and love having a book, but don’t know the most economical way to go about that. Magnificat is awesome, and I’ve read a couple others. Any ideas? That would be nice to add into the morning. I’ll be adding in set prayer and exercise times, and am hoping to be able to block off free time to be available to meet up with people and have wiggle room for spontaneity.

That’s about it. Things are not set in stone or regular since classes get cancelled every once in a while and there are always random events. It’s nice being able to enjoy adventures at this time in my life, so thanks for being along for the ride!

To Life,


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