Here are some of my all-time most popular and/or favorite posts, not in any particular order.


Theology of the {unmarried} body: in which I point out specific ways JPII’s Theology of the Body concept applies to single people too. Love that this is one people continue to go back to.

I am a political orphan: in which I explain my no-party-preference and our broken political system leaving me deserted. This has resonated with countless people who are also feeling the failure of our polarized system.

A Litany for a Church in Crisis: in which I respond to the question what do we do with a Church full of sinful people? First things first. Lay siege to heaven and send up your battle-cry of intercession with this litany I wrote specifically to address the abominable sin we learned of in 2018.

Death and Life and Why I’m Staying Catholic: in which I explain my not abandoning Jesus because of Catholics who do Very Horrible things.

Freedom’s Calling {A Humanae Vitae Series Introduction}: in which I kick off a series of testimonies (seriously, read all 7 parts!) of how powerfully the Church’s stance on sexual ethics is meant for our good.

Courage, dear heart: in which we agree that we can do hard things.

20 Tips when considering abortion: in which I share many resources for those considering abortion.

An open letter to Americans about kids: in which I encourage America to love babies more.

Maybe she isn’t transgender: tomboys and kids in America: in which I enjoy discussing controversial things and point out that liking stereotypical boy things doesn’t mean a girl was born in the wrong body.

Bossy old white guys: why I’m Catholic: in which I explain that it is in fact not because of old dudes that I’m Catholic.

50 Shades of Awesome: in which I talk about America’s obsession with sex, and leaving sneaky notes in yucky books at Barnes and Noble.

A Day to Remember: in which I offer a bit of a tribute to my brother Robert, who died before he was born.

Why I don’t want a woman on a dollar bill: in which I argue that women shouldn’t be honored just for being women.

7 Quick Takes on Immigration: in which I tackle and explore yet another controversial topic.

My week serving the poor of St. Louis:  in which I share my experience leading a mission trip to work with Mother Teresa’s sisters.


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