Here are some of my all-time most popular and/or favorite posts (not really in any order).

1. On fancy panties and the objectification of young girls: in which I point out the issue with a Victoria’s Secret campaign. I am convinced, looking at search terms, that this is my top-read post due to people searching for unmentionable and disgusting things online.

2. Bikinis, bras, and panty-lines, oh my: in which I outline problems and solutions regarding modesty. Popular for similar reasons to #1, Lord have mercy on people who end up here after searching for horrific things.

3. Theology of the {unmarried} body: in which I point out specific ways theology of the body applies to single people too. Love that this is one people continue to go back to.

4. An open letter to Americans about kids: in which I encourage America to love babies more.

5. Maybe she isn’t transgender: tomboys and kids in America: in which I point out that liking stereotypical boy things doesn’t mean a girl was born in the wrong body.

6. Bossy old white guys: why I’m Catholic: in which I explain that it is in fact not because of old dudes that I’m Catholic.

7. 50 Shades of Awesome: in which I talk about America’s obsession with sex, and leaving notes in Barnes and Noble.

8. 20 Tips when considering abortion: in which I share many resources for those struggling making a decision about their pregnancy.

9. I am a political orphan: in which I explain my no-party-preference and our broken political system leaving me deserted.

10. Courage, dear heart: in which we agree that we can do hard things.

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