Five habits for highly peaceful Catholics

Peace. Isn’t that the elusive thing we’re all after? It’s sometimes a feeling of satisfaction, or the act of letting go. You can’t necessarily make it happen for yourself, but I am convinced that most us are regularly doing things that hinder our ability to feel at peace. Know what I’m talking about? It’s the restless feeling after scrolling for too long. The afternoons when you’ve been going nonstop and suddenly realize you forgot to eat. Or maybe it’s the crushing weight of all the problems in the world riding on your shoulders.

We might know intellectually that God is the Prince of Peace, that his plans are good, and that so many things in the world aren’t actually that important. But do we live like that? How do we concretely combat that feeling of restlessness and truly be at peace resting in the knowledge that God is with us?

Here are several basic ways we can cultivate peace in our everyday lives. I am no expert, so these are as much personal goals for myself as they are my recommendations for you.

Read the rest of my piece on our monthly topic of peace over at Everyday Ediths.

3 thoughts on “Five habits for highly peaceful Catholics

  1. That’s such a great article! I especially like your point about cultivating a hobby-it seems to me that so few people our age actively cultivate hobbies anymore, and if they did then their lives would probably be a lot more peaceful, which could bring about a fantastic culture shift. I occasionally spin yarn with a drop spindle, and that it honestly one of the most peaceful (non-prayer) activities ever! (In fact, I once read that Buddhist monks, in the past, would spin as they walked outside to guide them in peaceful meditation, which I find fascinating)


    1. That’s something that surprised me after adjusting to post-college life! I had more time on my hands initially than I ever have before, since building friendships and finding opportunities to commit to takes time. I really, really, felt like I needed to do something with my hands. I don’t know what it is that makes it calming like you said – maybe it gives us space to think about all the things going on that we’re adjusting to? I totally get what you mean about meditation. I’ve experimented with many things but not gotten deep into one – spinning yarn sounds so interesting to try! I’ve also read more in the last year than I have for probably at least 10 years. And while I lament having all this time to fill, it’s so rewarding to use it for personal development and peace of mind.


  2. So I commented just now but don’t know if it went through haha. But I loved your great reminders for finding peace! Sleep is the hardest for me, but I
    agree- I have definitely found the one on cultivating hobbies to be a true help in finding peace amidst the everyday busyness! ❤️

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