Reprint Permission

Looking to share content you’ve found on my blog? Thank you! I appreciate you seeing the value of the work I put into my writing. You are welcome to share a link to my original post around the interwebs and on social media.

If you would like to share some of the content from my post, not just a link, you may share up to one paragraph on your site. However, you must kindly attribute the work and idea to me by linking readers back to my original post. My writing is my intellectual property, and I ask you to respect that. For that reason, you are never allowed to print my intellectual property without my express written permission.

Please follow these guidelines when considering how to share:

  • Include my name and blog name (Laura @ A Drop in the Ocean)
  • Include a hyperlink to the exact post you refer to (not just my home page)
  • NEVER copy an entire post
  • ALWAYS contact me first if you’d like to print my work on paper

If you have questions, please email me directly at or contact me. Thank you!

To Life,