Life Chain 2013


Today was Respect Life Sunday, and the national Life Chain event (which was one of the first pro-life events I participated in). We stood at the intersection for an hour with our “Pray to End Abortion” signs and got lots of positive responses from Atchison residents. It was beautiful to see so many people out there willing to stand for life and be a witness in our community. It was especially beautiful to see many of the Benedictine professors out there praying up a storm with their kids.

It reminded me of the first time I did this two years ago. It was back home in a much busier and liberal area.

So I went and found my Facebook note I wrote the day after (before the blogging age) and thought I’d share it with you:

October 4th, 2011

Yesterday I participated in the Life Chain event, a nation-wide peaceful and prayerful event where pro-life people stand along busy streets holding signs. These signs herald pro-life messages such as “Abortion Hurts Women”, “Adoption the loving option”, and “Pray for an end to abortion”. I didn’t know what to expect going to this event, since I’d never been before, but was happy to join others in standing for life.

Our local Life Chain happened on a very busy intersection with lots of car dealerships around. I arrived with my Mom and two of my sisters. We hopped out of the car and headed down the road to get signs to hold. We got ours and joined friends along the street. I took my post, watching cars, praying that our quiet witness to life might inspire people who drove past.

Most cars zoomed past us. Some slowed down to read the signs. Of those who read the signs and responded, we got at least four positive responses for every negative response. Some waved, or gave us a thumbs up. Others honked and smiled, while a few gave us “the finger”. As I stood there on the side of the road, I wondered what these people were thinking. Did they agree with us? Did they disagree? Do they know what abortion is? Some of them thought we were crazy, as did one man who stopped and told us to quit accusing him of being a natzi *bleep*. Did any of our signs say that? No. Did any of the participants say that to him? I doubt it. I wondered what caused this man to be so bitter against us. Had he been personally hurt by abortion? I hope God blessed him with a good rest of the day, and that he continues to think about abortion. Hopefully he will come to realize the truth of the pro-life movement one day.

I smiled and waved back to the people who were honking, waving, and giving up thumbs up. It was great to see those people respond to us. I don’t know if I should be surprised, but so many people didn’t respond to us at all. Some even avoided looking at us. What was going through the minds of the drivers who were just starring in front of them?

One lady gave a big thumbs down as she waited at the stop light, and shook her head. Another person proudly displayed his finger for the world to see as he passed. A motorcyclist spat at us as he revved his engine and sped by. Had these people been personally affected by abortion? Was the woman suffering from the aftermath of one herself? As she waited at the stop light, she rested her head on her hand and starred into the distance. It looked like she was remembering something. Something that had hurt her. Maybe something we were displaying signs about…

As each of these people passed by, I prayed for them. I prayed for those who gave us thumbs up that they would have the courage to stand with us, for those who gave us a thumbs down that they will someday realize the truth about the scourge of abortion, and I especially prayed for those who did nothing, those who starred into the distance, and those who zoomed past without acknowledging us that if nothing else we planted a seed in their minds. A little seed that when they encounter abortion in their own lives, they will remember those people standing by the road with signs, and will choose life.

If I brought anything away from my Life Chain experience, I came away wishing more people passing by had responded. Even if we had had more negative responses, I would much rather have that than the countless people who did nothing. This is part of what the pro-life movement faced with. We are faced with too many people who do nothing. It may sound a bit harsh, but it’s true.

Think about it: Of the hundreds of people who passed by us, I estimate that 10 – 15% responded. Can you imagine if everyone had responded? Can you imagine if everyone was educated about abortion and took a stance on it? Can you imagine if everyone stood up for what they believed in?

This is what I see in different aspects of life. People tend to be either uneducated on the matter (and therefore unable to take a stance on it), or do not muster the willpower and courage to stand up and make a difference. How are things supposed to get better, and how are we going to help others see the truth if we don’t do anything about it? I love how this quote summarizes what I’m saying “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Boom, bam, baby. I couldn’t say it better. We can’t change hearts and help others to see the truth if we don’t try.

After reading this, ask yourself: “Am I a person who is fine watching from the sidelines, or am I a person who stands up for what I believe in, even if I stand alone?” Are you one of those people cruising down the road, or are you standing there with a sign? I sincerely hope that you are willing to stand up for what you believe in. I pray that God gives us all the courage to speak out against evil, because we need more people who are willing to get uncomfortable for what is right.

Pro-lifers are prettier

And I’m not saying we’re more fashionable or do our make-up better. I’m talking about a deeper look at how our inner convictions change the way we live.

This came up because of what has been happening in TX with HB2 being passed. Someone posted on Facebook that “Only Prettier” by Miranda Lambert should be the theme song for Texan pro-lifers. So true, huh? The difference between pro-lifers and abortion supporters in TX is astounding, and let’s just say our presentation was quite a bit prettier. When abortion supporters felt their “right” to abortion past 20 weeks being pulled away, it got pretty ugly. Let me illustrate.

Some of the following images may not be suitable for all audiences. Proceed with caution.

abortion supporters sang this song parody…alrightie then


The mob with their classy hanger….with Cecile Richards mother watching
abortion supporter being arrested, note the red paint
the old slogan
I feel sorry for this little boy
another arrest
Standing with Wendy
Picking up a thrown tampon…
How friendly….and quite a creative idea for decoration
another arrest (she had chained herself to the railing)

Add to that the reports of abortion supporters bringing jars of poop, guns, and maxi pads filled with glitter. Not to mention all the signs filled with profanity I’ve purposefully neglected to post here. This is FAR from the worst. Now let me share with you pictures of pro-lifers at the capitol.



former Planned Parenthood workers
Little Josie was born at just 25 weeks
pro-life ladies
more pro-life ladies

more praying

Take a look back on those pictures if you need to. What struck me is how drastically different these groups of people are, separated simply by their views on abortion. Pro-lifers were peaceful for the most part, as abortion supporters chanted “Hail Satan” and spat on them. It’s striking what a difference you can see in just the facial expressions. How terrible is it that such an issue cases people to act so terribly! But in the end, it was an incredible opportunity for pro-lifers to be a witness to the fact that the truth doesn’t need to be shouted and thrown at people packaged up in maxi pads.

Take a moment to reflect on this and then ask yourself: Aren’t pro-lifers prettier?

The Reality of Pregnancy Centers

Did you hear about that #ExposeCPC tweetfest that happened a while ago? It was interesting to say the least. Click on the picture below to check out my latest article for Live Action about it.


Sometimes you just gotta carry on


Disclaimer: I’ve never actually done this.

Sometimes I wonder where our society is heading. Like seriously…there have been so many things recently that are kind of putting a damper on my life (more so than a gloomy day *GASP*). For example:

  • The whole DOMA & Prop 8 thing
  • SB5 being filibustered out of voting
  • Wendy Davis being celebrated as a hero
  • That priest who was martyred in Syria
  • …and so much more

I read about so many terrible things happening, and hear so much crap about what’s going on. And it gets to me. I’ve actually gotten so used to hearing it that it doesn’t surprise me anymore when I hear about the latest thing being praised by the media. Gay “marriage”? Yup. Abortion on demand? Yes sir-ee. Murdering babies who survive abortion? WHOO-HOO! Would you puh-lease sign me up ASAP?!?!?!

The list could go on forever, but you get the point.

How can anyone not recognize the humanity of the unborn, especially those old enough to survive outside the womb? Beats me. I mean, science tells you they’re human. Ultrasounds show it. But oh-me-oh-my, we are just too smart to go by that, huh?

Have you ever seen those stories of those precious teeny-tiny babies born around 21 or so weeks? They fight for their lives and beat the odds. AMAZING! And did you hear those stories about babies born around the same gestational age during a failed abortion? They were murdered and beheaded, and isn’t that just fab-U-lous?!?!?! Wendy Davis sure thinks so. But I digress.

I’m saying this simply because I’m sick and tired (Bill Cosby says those always have to go together) of people accepting the idea that murder is okay. It’s not. And that’s why I’m going to keep working in this battle that we’re really kinda, sorta, totally getting the upper hand on. I can tell because many of the abortion supporters in TX right now are carrying signs of women’s reproductive parts with swear words on them (which, BTW, that one picture I saw totally looked like a volcano – we might be better artists too). That’s what happens when they don’t get their way. Swearing and yelling, and Cecile Richards sneering at you when you say “God Bless you”. Oh hey, I wonder if she sneered at Obama when he said “God bless Planned Parenthood”. I dunno.

What I do know is that I’m not going away any time soon. As much as I get tired of hearing these things, they really need to be heard. They need to be talked about more, and thought more deeply about. People need to know what’s going on in the world and for crying out loud, DO something about it! That’s why I’m working at pregnancy centers and continuing to write here. It makes a difference. And we all need to do our part in this battle with crazy-pants over there who needs to sit down and talk logic and science. I say, bring it.

And you know all those babies I’ve seen coming into the centers I’m working at? (Just kidding, you don’t, I haven’t mentioned them.) They’re really cute. Guess what else? They wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for people who fight every day for them. That pretty much makes it all worth it in the end.

Carry on, good soldiers.

#ExposeCPC Tweetfest – You Can Do It!

With the recent Tweetfests pro-lifers have organized, abortion supporters must be feeling the heat. There was at least one for Gosnell, and then an Inhuman one for Live Action’s recent investigation. So now, some random people who support abortion have organized the #ExposeCPC Tweetfest in response to the #ExposePP one we did. How original.

Today (and namely tomorrow) people are going to be using the #ExposeCPC hashtag across social media platforms to “expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers with their religious shaming, lies, and misogyny, as well as complete lack of care or respect for women”. That’s what they said.

They also created a private group on Facebook to share sample tweets, and a public Pinterest board. I’ve also found a “We the People” petition to cut funding to CPCs….funny thing? I’ve never heard of one that receives government funding. But Planned Parenthood received over $542 million in its last fiscal year (page 8 in that link). It’s time for us to reveal the TRUTH about these places.

Fortnight for Freedom: Day 1 - Bring It


Pro-lifers are using this hashtag to spread the truth about CPC’s. Will you join us?

Here are some sample tweets you can use. Be sure to check back, because I’ll be updating this regularly!

Instead of dealing with the problem, @PPact offers a band-aid solution that causes another wound. CPC’s fix problems. #ExposeCPC

#ExposeCPC for giving FREE ultrasounds

#ExposeCPC who empower women to choose life by giving them pre and post natal resources

#ExposeCPC for giving out more free pregnancy tests than @PPact

#ExposeCPC They mentor women through pregnancy, take them to Dr apts, and give them clothes & diapers 4 free. @PPact charges u 4 everything

#ExposeCPC They tell women the truth about abortion and @PPact

#exposeCPC Warning: Unlike Federally Funded Planned Parenthood, Crisis Pregnancy Centers were not founded by KKK member Margaret Sanger. [source]

#ExposeCPC for affirming LIFE!

Thanks, Christina, for these below!

#ExposeCPC  Unlike #prochoice, they didn’t invent assembly-line #abortion and treat women like cattle

#ExposeCPC  Unlike #prochoice, they don’t run a string of places that have killed at least 16 women. #abortion

#ExposeCPC  Unlike #abortion clinics,  they don’t send women 2doctors w/extensive history of malpractice #prochoice

#ExposeCPC  Unlike #abortion clinics,  they don’t refer women to doctors who get their licenses suspended. #prochoice

#ExposeCPC  Unlike #abortion clinics, they don’t refer women to quacks who injure them. #prochoice

#ExposeCPC  Unlike #abortion clinics, they don’t abandon patients to die  #prochoice 

#ExposeCPC  Unlike #abortion clinics, they don’t have docs who get license suspended 4drug trafficking #prochoice

Click to access Gluck-David-Alan-NY-Office-of-Professional-Discipline-11-06-1992.pdf

#ExposeCPC They don’t injure patients and cause them to need a hysterectomy. #abortion #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They don’t proudly teach #abortion docs how to stab ¾ born babies in the base of the skull. #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They totally fail to sexually abuse patients #abortion #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They don’t load hemorrhaging patient into staff car, cause her to bleed to death #abortion #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They don’t perform illegal 3rd-tri #abortion on teen, causing her death. #prochoice

#ExposeCPC Unlike #abortion clinic, they don’t discharge injured patient 2look after herself & end up hospitalized.

#ExposeCPC They don’t injure patients then cause their deaths by failure to resuscitate. #prochoice #abortion

#ExposeCPC They don’t promise safety, then fail 2resuscitate teen, cause vegetative state. #abortion #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They don’t perform medical procedures (especially not #abortion) w/o patient consent. #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They don’t employ doctors who tie their wife down and force an #abortion. #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They don’t massively overdose 13-year-old girl and let her die from lack of proper resuscitation

#ExposeCPC They don’t kill patients by causing dangerous injury, trying 2treat complications in outpatient setting

#ExposeCPC  They don’t kill their clients. #prochoice #abortion

#ExposeCPC They don’t commit Medicaid fraud. #abortion #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They don’t let non-physicians practice medicine, causing severe injury 2baby and trauma 2mother

#ExposeCPC They don’t cause critical injures to women then take them to the hospital in a private car. #prochoice 

#ExposeCPC They don’t work with doctors who have appalling history of malpractice. #abortion #prochoice

#ExposeCPC They don’t misdiagnose patients, perform the wrong procedure, then send them home to die #prochoice

Click to access Alan-Ross-License-Suspension-Dec-28-1993.pdf

#ExposeCPC They don’t let clients go into shock from blood loss. #abortion #prochoice

Click to access newyorkrevocation-brigham.pdf

#ExposeCPC They don’t leave clients with torn bowels and needing a colostomy #abortion #prochoice 

Share this picture from the Radiance Foundation too:


Join the Facebook event of pro-lifers taking on this hashtag, and follow me on Twitter to retweet!

Clearly from a woman hating bigoted center….

Planned Parenthood & Gosnell

On hearing the guilty verdict in the Gosnell case, Planned Parenthood released a statement saying:

“The jury has punished Kermit Gosnell for his appalling crimes. This verdict will ensure that no woman is victimized by Kermit Gosnell ever again.

“This case has made clear that we must have and enforce laws that protect access to safe and legal abortion, and we must reject misguided laws that would limit women’s options and force them to seek treatment from criminals like Kermit Gosnell.”

Because babies don’t matter to Planned Parenthood. They referred women to Gosnell’s clinic, and advocate for after-birth abortion. This evil is slowly beginning to be exposed. Justice will be served.

Be the change

Don’t like the way things are? Change them.

Do you want non-doctors performing abortions in our state? Heck no! AB 154 is an abortion expansion bill and will be voted on by the Assembly Committee on Health, Tuesday TOMORROW. It would expand abortion allowing nurses and midwives to perform this procedure. Voice your opinion NOW by calling the assemblymembers below (it doesn’t take long, I took 17 minutes to call them all).

This bill is not safe for women’s health. Californians deserve better.

Please contact the committee members listed below and urge them to vote “NO” on AB 154. Share this and get the word out!

Assemblymember Richard Pan (Chair)
916-319-2009 Fax: 916-319-2109

Assemblymember Dan Logue (Vice Chair)
916-319-2003 Fax: 916-319-2103

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano
916-319-2017 Fax: 916-319-2117

Assemblymember Toni Atkins
916-319-2078 Fax: 916-319-2178

Assemblymember Susan Bonilla
916-319-2014 Fax: 916-319-2114

Assemblymember Rob Bonta
916-319-2018 Fax: 916-319-2118

Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro
916-319-2002 Fax: 916-319-2102

Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez
916-319-2051 Fax: 916-319-2151

Assemblymember Roger Hernández
916-319-2048 Fax: 916-319-2148

Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal
916-319-2070 Fax: 916-319-2170

Assemblymember Brian Maienschein
916-319-2077 Fax: 916-319-2177

Assemblymember Allan Mansoor
916-319-2074 Fax: 916-319-2174

Assemblymember Holly Mitchell
916-319-2054 Fax: 916-319-2154

Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian
916-319-2046 Fax: 916-319-2146

Assemblymember Brian Nestande
916-319-2042 Fax: 916-319-2142

Assemblymember V. Manuel
916-319-2056 Fax: 916-319-2156

Assemblymember Donald Wagner
916-319-2068 Fax: 916-319-2168

Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski
916-319-2025 Fax: 916-319-2125

Assemblymember Scott Wilk
916-319-2038 Fax: 916-319-2138

My Mother was Aborted: Huh?

She won’t be happy for too long.

You might have already seen this article circulating across the internet. If not, go read it. It’s about a new “breakthrough” ability of science: the ability to take eggs from aborted girls to be used in IVF procedures.

This makes me so sick. We now have the ability to kill an unwanted child and use her remains to create a wanted child. Hello? Where did scientists sanity go?!?! I can’t even imagine the emotional and mental trauma a child created through one of these procedures would experience after realizing they were the biological child of an aborted woman…

Thankfully, this article said that the general reaction was negative. What is it going to take for people to stand up and say ENOUGH? The time is now people. Spread the word and start speaking out about this garbage.


Love doesn’t count chromosomes


Today is World Down Syndrome Day (3-21, cool, huh?). Check out my post for the occasion over at Live Action!

The root of the abortion issue


The abortion issue is really so simple. It’s not the complicated, indecipherable, and ultra-personal thing Planned Parenthood tries to tell you it is. Head over to Live Action to read my latest post on this topic.