A Note From Laura: I need your feedback!

Hello Readers, and thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s – I know I did! 

I am planning to start blogging more, but before I do, I’d like to know what you, the reader, would like to see more of. Take a look around my blog, then could you pretty please (with a cherry on top 🙂 answer these questions? 

What would you like to see on my blog, and What would keep you coming back to my blog often? 

Here are some examples:

On your blog, I would like to see more…

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Links to articles, websites, etc.
  • Quotes
  • Personal stories from your life
  • Bible excerpts 
  • News stories surrounding the pro-life movement and Catholicism
  • Pro-life stories
  • Catholic stories
  • Educational articles on pro-life topics and Catholicism 
  • Stories unrelated to Catholicism and the pro-life movement

I would visit your blog often if…

  • You had up-to-date material
  • You changed the look of your blog to make it more appealing 
  • You posted often (specify how often)

Please take a minute to comment below with your thoughts, and feel free to list other things that come to mind. If you really liked or disliked a particular post, let me know! I look forward to hearing your feedback. 

For the Respect of All Human Life,


P.S. Many thanks for taking the time to read through this and commenting below!

4 thoughts on “A Note From Laura: I need your feedback!

  1. On your blog, I would like to see more…Quotes News stories surrounding the pro-life movement and CatholicismPro-life stories and Catholic stories(or Catholic pro-life stories)I would visit your blog often if…You had up-to-date materialYou posted often, I'd say at least one article a day but if you can't do that then every other day at least.


  2. Hi Laura!I love what you've been doing so far. I think the blog is a great way to get some fresh new thoughts out there. I would like to see some more of your real life stories. It doesn't have to be too personal, but since you live in a big family, are Catholic and very pro-life, I'm sure that things happen in the course of your week that cause you to reflect (or maybe you could start reflecting!) and you could share your musings with us. I also love links to neat things you find online. You do a great job with that on Facebook. Pro-Life stories are great and Catholic/pro-life stories are better! I think I would come back to visit your blog often if periodically you shared tips/ways we all can live the Gospel of Life more fully, especially for the youth. Your perspective is one we need. You will also get a lot more traffic by asking questions or polling your readers. "What would you say to your neighbor who told you she was going to have an abortion?" I'm sure you're going to have lots of adventures in college next year, there will be so much to write about to keep us all coming back for more! 😉


  3. Hey there Laura!I think you are on to something really great! I think if you provide up to date stories, inspiration and quotes that would keep me reading. But honestly, I think you need to trust yourself and keep doing what you're doing. The words will flow and your message will be heard, one reader at a time. I agree with the previous comment, I'm excited to hear what happens after you go to college. I became pregnant while in college and it was frightening to see how many other girls 'were not' pregnant. While I was pregnant I had several young girls confess to me that they had chose abortion. Unfortunately, I think a lot of young women either have an abortion or drop out of school. My mission is to help young women when they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and inspire them to stay on track with their goals and dreams. Girls can still finish school, have careers, basically do whatever it is they want to do even if they are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Yes they have to make a few changes, but they are FOREVER changed by finding out their pregnant and need to make the best choice they can live with for the rest of their life and NOBODY else. (I'm going to stop, because I could go on and on forever! But, I too, am starting a blog and if you're interested in checking it out, it can be found at actionashlee.com)Many blessings to you and your family! I'm SO glad that you guest posted for Timmerie, because I follow her blog and that's how I found you! I've signed up to receive your blog posts via email. Can't wait to see what you do!Keep up the amazing work!!Ashlee


  4. Thank you all for the great feedback, I really appreciate it! I'n looking forward to writing more in the VERY near future. Check back often for updates!


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