Don’t Be a Party Crasher

In the event that truth is not on your side, it becomes necessary to use false non-arguments that miserably fail at backing up your opinion, in an attempt to justify what you know deep down is wrong. I don’t know of anything that illustrates this better than the abortion debate.

10 Week-old Baby

Those who believe abortion is okay used to claim that “It’s not really a baby”, but that just doesn’t fly anymore folks. Modern science is incredible, and has proven that life does indeed begin at the moment of conception. Don’t believe me? Check out National Geographic’s “The Biology of Prenatal Development“. It includes real footage of unborn babies, and was not made by pro-lifers, making it totally unbiased scientific proof that life begins at conception.

Now that people can’t deny that unborn babies are human, pro-abortion people have come up with a new point, and I quote a pro-abortion person: “The fetus has a right to life, it just doesn’t have a right to use my body for survival without my permission.”

Um, because babies are supposed to ask permission before being conceived, right? I mean, who are these babies to decide they can just barge right in to MY body, and use MY body for survival without MY permission?!?!?

If you agree with those last questions, first, I will somewhat question your sanity, and second, I’ve got a NEWSFLASH for you: Babies don’t ask to be conceived. Babies don’t target you to make your life harder, and babies do not ask your permission before residing in your uterus. [Last I checked, they never have, but maybe I was just the weird one who didn’t ask my mother, who knows?].

More important than the fact that babies do not ask permission before being conceived is this: They don’t need permission, because they were invited. I think we can all agree that babies do not spontaneously generate in random women. They are created. By the very act of creating a baby, you invite the baby to grow inside you for 9 months. Just like if you invite me to a party, you should not be surprised if I come, and stay for the duration of the party.

So, please, next time you discuss why a mother has bodily autonomy over her unborn child, consider the fact that babies don’t create themselves. They’re invited into your womb when they are created, so enjoy the celebration, and don’t crash the party by kicking your guests out!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Party Crasher

  1. What about in cases of rape? If you’re trying to use this “baby using body for survival” argument, then I guess it should apply when a woman has been raped, right? It’s kind of like saying: “The man has a right to have sex, he just doesn’t have a right to use my body for sex without my permission.”

    Um, because men are supposed to ask permission before having sex, right? I mean, who are these men to decide they can just barge right in to MY body, and use MY body for sex without MY permission?!?!?

    I understand that the majority of aborted babies are not produced by rape, and that’s a commonly known fact amongst us pro-choice-ers. However, we are fighting for the choice. And a woman who has been violently raped and is now bearing the child of the man who abused her should have the choice. Because what woman wants to raise a child that has the same eyes that stared at you as you were being raped?

    I get that a baby that was conceived by accident by couple deserves its right to life. But I’d like to see you go up to a woman that has been raped and tell her she is a murderer, and then I’d like for you to look at her as every bit of spirit she has left disappears in that moment


    1. Thanks for commenting, Sharon. You brought up some good points.

      In the case of a child conceived in rape, the baby was not “invited” as I talked about in this article. The woman did not have a choice, and that is wrong. Everything about rape is terribly wrong, and it is a disgusting violation of human dignity. I cannot even being to offer enough support and sympathy to a woman who was violated in that way.

      However, any child conceived in rape has as much right to life as his mother. A mother might not want to raise a child that looked like his criminal father, but why does that mean the baby has to die? If the child were already born and his father committed a crime, would the child be given the death penalty? Why should any child be punished for his father’s crime?

      There are people and organizations out there who will help women get through something like this, and raise the child, or perhaps offer him/her for adoption if that is best. Life is always the best option.


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