Pro-"Choice" Counter Rally

      This past Saturday, while around 60,000 pro-lifers gathered for the Walk for Life, around 80 pro-“choicers” gathered for their West Coast Rally for Reproductive Rights in San Francisco, CA. They held the rally to protest our walk, and our “anti-abortion” agenda…apparently attempting to stop the Walk for Life, which proved unsuccessful. Take a look at these pictures, and my post from yesterday to see the stark difference between life and death.

This was the pro-choice “protest”…need I say more?
Trying to block the walk using an orange plastic fence decorated with hangers. How festive.
Not too happy that police are telling him to move

I can see one, maybe two people standing there trying to block the walk…
Being moved away

Protesters also tried to block the walk by linking hands and refusing to move. I can’t seem to find those pictures now. These next photos are some of the people I saw en route to Justin Herman Plaza.

This really make me want to support abortion. No, really. Ya’ll pro-choicers better stop dressing up in creepy costumes before all my pro-life homies are swayed by you!

Yes, telling me that Jesus likes abortion makes me want to support you as well.

The classic pro-choicer with a hanger: because we pro-lifers want you to have a back ally abortion…

Happy, aren’t they?

I show you these pictures not to scare you, or to shame these people. I show them so you can see what truly happened at the Walk for Life 2012.

What strikes me the most when I see people this willing to support death is that these people need our prayers. They are so conflicted and angry. There is so much hate inside of them that Satan preys on. We need to pray that our peaceful witness to life will touch their hearts. We need to pray that they overcome the evil that the culture of death has sucked them into. Please join me in praying for these people that they will one day come to the realization that abortion is wrong, and that they find peace through the grace of God.


Now you tell me: Who is going to win this battle for life? 

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