Share your story!

As pro-lifers, we have many stories to tell about our experiences: that day at the abortion clinic, the day you became pro-life,  the baby you lost, a touching moment you had with an abortion-bound mother, that baby God helped you save, the prayer that changed everything….

Our stories are as diverse as our movement for life, and I want to tap into that wealth of knowledge and stories!

Do you have a neat pro-life story you’d like to share? A tip, or piece of advice you’ve been given? A sentence of encouragement? A story from your community? I would LOVE to hear them, and share them here on my blog. You never know who will read your story, or how many lives it will touch….

If you are interested in sharing your story, please end me an email at Let me know in the email if you’d like your name posted with the story or not. Hope to hear from you soon, and check back soon for some new stories!

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