Dear Planned Parenthood – When Does Life Begin?

Earlier today I posted this picture on the Planned Parenthood’s Facebook Page…

…and let’s just say I don’t plan on doing that again anytime soon. I’ve posted links and had conversations on their wall before, but this must have really hit a chord in people’s hearts because it garnered a grand total of 403 comments in a couple hours. Wow.

I’ve heard the pro-choice rhetoric, the cuss words, the false accusations, the lies, the non-arguments, etc. But the people who were commenting on this were plain illogical. They started out saying that life begins at the picture in the top right corner, or the one after that: the first representing an unborn baby past the point of viability, and the second after birth. Then someone decided to point out that the picture on the top row second from the left looks like a shrimp (slightly creepy and twisted), and that they were now hungry for shrimp. Ew. Comparing an incredibly complex and beautiful human being to coconut and garlic shrimp is not cool. At all.

1. Our physical lives begin when our physical bodies begin to exist. That is the moment of fertilization: not when we’re considered “viable” or after birth.

2. When I asked them to elaborate on this point, and when they thought life begins, I received this shining example of pro-“choice” logic:

“When something no longer needs to be attached to something else either with or without their consent in order to survive.”

So, wait a second, we’re not considered to be alive if we depend on something else to survive?!?! No way! ‘Cause we sort of rely on a lot of things like food and water to survive…..This person even went on to say that life begins when we can breathe. I asked her if she believed a person on a ventilator qualified as being alive, and she said….wait for it….no. We’re not alive if we’re on a ventilator, because apparently we’re only alive if we can breathe on our own. Huh? This takes the cake for most illogical statement of the day award! I’ve heard it many times before, but it is so illogical, I had to include it.

Some other gems of comments in response to “When Does Life Begin?”:

“Life starts when I say so, B***h!” 

“When a woman chooses it’s time for her to bring forth life.”

“Technically a fetus isn’t a person or citizen until it gets a birth certificate, so I would say after it is born.” 

“The word “life” is a multi-meaning word, it means many different things to different people. Maybe you’d have better luck brainwashing…a sunday school class full of gullible six year olds.”

“Life is a fuzzy concept.”

Now maybe I’m being too simplistic, but life and death are black and white to me. Life is not a fuzzy concept when you have science and logic on your side. Maybe I’m being harsh, I don’t know, but life is life, and death is death as far as I know. Abortion kills an innocent person, and that is wrong. Is that really too hard to understand?

After this part of the conversation, it moved on to people saying that “any woman who has an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage is committing a murder, and should be tried for involuntary manslaughter.” And this is where I just have to sigh and pray for these people. I tried explaining, but alas! These brains filled with pro-“choice” mantra were impervious to the facts of life. I will go more into this in a later post.

I am not “all-knowing”, but I can tell you this: no matter what people tell me about abortion, and when life begins, it will not change the scientific fact that life begins at the moment of fertilization and that each and every life deserves a lifetime. I wish I could learn from these people what their stories are, and why they think how they do, but all I get are new cuss words.

This is one reason why I read the book “UnPlanned” by Abby Johnson, and why I go on abortion blogs and Facebook pages every so often: I believe we have to understand the opposing side in order to defeat them. We have to see exactly what Satan has infiltrated hearts with to see how we can then be a tool of Christ in turning those same hearts back to Him who created us. I sure didn’t learn much from this post because all it was were empty pieces of rhetoric I’ve heard before. These “arguments” are getting rather old.

I pray for everyone involved in that comment thread, as there were some very troubled people who desperately need God’s mercy and love. Please join me in praying for them, and never, ever stop standing up for what you believe in, no matter how much heat you get from the other side. You never know how God will use you. Metal is put through fire to make it strong. God puts us through tough times to solidify our beliefs, bring others to Him, and strengthen our resolve. Let us begin.

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