That Time I Almost Got Kicked Out of a Hotel

Sometimes I have to take a break from the heavy topics I’m used to covering on my blog. Life is so short that we have to take time to soak up the beautiful moments in our lives every so often!  The weather has been gorgeous around my home recently, and with summer drawing near I’m reminded of summers gone by, and memories my family has made together. I know I haven’t written much about my own family yet, so count this as your introduction 🙂

I am the third of seven kids. My family is pretty awesome, and so is our extended family (both sets of grandparents have been married for over 50 years!). We range in age from 3 – 22 years old, and have grow up much like other families: we play, we cook, we argue, we pray, we have random deep conversations, we make random Youtube videos, and last summer we went on an awesome road trip.

The trip took us to Ohio and back in a giant black van, and was rather momentous since we hadn’t been on a big road trip for years. We visited fourteen states (I think) and the other day we were laughing about one particular memory we have:

Hotel Alex Johnson

We were staying in South Dakota in the Hotel Alex Johnson (where a couple presidents have stayed). Our family split up into a couple rooms because it gets a little squishy fitting more than five people on the ground (not to mention that there are usually limits on the number of people, but rules were made to break, right?)

Anyway, three of my sisters and I got ourselves situated in our hotel room, and settled down after dinner. We turned on the tv, and lo and behold, American Idol was on. Now, we don’t really watch things like that at home. At all. If the tv is on, it’s usually an Archbishop Fulton Sheen talk, or some man-show about cars.

We watched the last half of the episode, and all of us were *ahem* gushing over Scotty McCreery and his lovely voice (most of us like country music, and he wore a cross, how awesome was that?!). Then we got out a laptop, and started watching YouTube videos of his songs. And THEN we started singing along and screaming/cheering and telling each other how awesome his voice was, etc. etc. You get the picture 🙂

And then came the knock on our door…a hotel employee informed us that we needed to quiet down because a nearby patron had complained about our excessive level of jubilation (around 8 or 9pm). Alrightie then. We got quieter, and stifled our noise as we finished whatever videos we were watching. But whoever had complained must have been suffering from insomnia because they complained. Again. That time (around 11pm) we got a call from the front desk informing us that if we got one more complaint, we would be kicked out of the hotel. Yup.

We decided it would be a good idea to go to sleep after that phone call. We later realized that there had been some party down the hall, and the light sleepers might have misplaced the noise and complained about the wrong people. Anyhow, my sisters and I were pretty close to getting kicked out of a hotel that night. We felt rather rebellious 🙂 Next time I guess I’ll just have to turn the music louder to drown out our laughs, squeals, and screams!

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