Dear Long-Lost Readers

Dear my lovely readers,

It’s been too long. When I vowed to post every Monday and Thursday, I knew I would eventually forget or not have time to follow through on that promise. Needless to say, I need to work on making more realistic commitments 🙂

Instead of blogging, I have been spending time in class, completing homework, getting mad at Obama, voting, working, and participating in various activities on my college campus. Life has been wonderful, and I love taking a step back from technology every once in a while. We’ve been having sunshine and chilly weather. I have been exercising too, which makes me an happier person overall.

I’m planning to get back to blogging, so please continue to check back here! My posts may not all be as long as I like all the time, but I will work on getting more out to you [and keeping you updated on what I’m up to!].

As we get ready to vote in our next president, watch this YouTube video I made with a few friends of mine today.

On another note, I have been loving listening to some fabulous songs I will put together in a post for you. When there is so much junk out there, songs are beautiful escapes. Look for that post, and welcome back to my blog! Hope to see you around!

For the Dignity of All,

2 thoughts on “Dear Long-Lost Readers

  1. Good video, Laura!
    It is insulting to me as woman that Planned Parenthood and the Obama Campaign think that is the only issue women care about.


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