Pro-Life Murderers

I’ll admit it. I’m a murderer.

You see, this cute little girl I found on Google is actually a cold-blooded murderer like me. We eat pigs and chicken and cows! Because, after all, you can’t eat meat and be pro-life, right? According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) I can’t be pro-life and eat animals as evidenced by this charming billboard of theirs.


If I’m pro-life, do I have to “Go Vegan”? The answer is no. Nope. Nadda.  When people argue that I can’t be pro-life and eat meat, they miss one very important point: I’m not eating people. I am pro-human-life. I believe all humans have equal value and should be treated as such no matter what. For that reason, I don’t eat people (plus I think we’d taste gross…moving on). I do eat animals, however, because I do not believe they are equal to us. I do not believe any animal should have the same rights I do. That just doesn’t make sense (unless you are Peter Singer of course).  If you think about it, claiming that a cat has the same rights as me is absurd. Cats aren’t my friends. I can’t have conversations with them and go to class with them. Sorry cat people, but your feline friend is not a family member. It’s not a person.

What’s your take on animal rights?

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