On the past, present, and future

New Year’s has always been fun in my house. We used to gather pots and pans and bang them around outside after counting down the last seconds of one year. We ruined my mom’s baking pans one year, though 🙂 Now we do poppers and Martinelli’s apple stuff and scream our heads off at the stroke of midnight. It’s exciting, after all!

2012 was an incredible year for me. I graduated high school, worked the summer away, wrote my first big college check, celebrated my one-year anniversary of working for Live Action, and just ended my first college semester. I love having a month off around Christmastime to spend with my family, but it’s fast coming to a close…

In 2013, I am so excited to see where life takes me. My second semester at Benedictine College begins in just under a week and I’ll be taking challenging classes. My political science class is especially exciting as well as my intro to business. I got involved with our pro-life group on campus last semester and hope to help ramp things up a bit and get us working harder to defend life.

New years always make me think about the past. I was thinking recently how much my life has changed in being involved in the pro-life movement for just over a year now. Looking back on old diary entries, I laugh now at my dreams of being a broadway star. I don’t really know why I wanted that except for the fact that I love singing. Good thing, because it sure wasn’t what God had in store. Working in the pro-life movement isn’t something I dreamed of years ago, but it’s what drives me now. I LOVE hearing stories of women who have gone through tough situations and made it through. I love hearing stories of converted abortion workers, children saved from abortion, families healed from past abortions, and so much more.

I saw this video today talking about how how the pro-choice movement has been loosing ground since 1973. Watch it!

In other news, there’s my jumbled thoughts about the past, present, and future. Keep checking back here (and comment once in a while please)! I’ll be blogging more regularly both here and at Live Action. Enjoy your last bit of vacation and let’s come back to school (work, etc.) with fresh eyes and a renewed fervor for whatever we fight for.

See you around!

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