Ask ’em what they mean by choice


So you’re pro-choice. Great! So am I.

Being pro-choice means that you are in favor of choices. I think people generally shouldn’t be forced to do things – we are a free country after all. That’s why I’m pro-choice. I do believe, however, that some choices are wrong. That’s why I’m also pro-life.

You see, when most people think of  the term “pro-choice”, they would conjure up images of people in favor of abortion and contraception on demand. When you think of the simple word choice, what comes to mind for you? Here’s what others responded when asked what choice meant to them:

If you are pro-choice, then what do you mean when you use “choice”? Do you only apply that belief to abortion and contraception, or do you apply your favor of choices to other areas of life? I found it fascinating that the people in this video, while claiming to be pro-choice, were generally not in favor of people making choices for themselves (ie. how big of a soda to buy, what kind of light bulbs to use) other than reproductive choices.

Now, let’s just be honest people. Even Planned Parenthood has recognized the dilemma of using and calling themselves “pro-choice” recently. It doesn’t make sense to call yourself pro-choice if what you’re really for is abortion and contraception: reproductive “rights” as you call them.

It’s incredibly sad how our society has redefined “choice”. When I think of what “pro-choice” means to most people now, I think of the 55 MILLION babies who have been killed by “choice”, the millions of mothers hurt by their “choice”, millions of families hurt by their “choice”, millions of children denied their siblings because of “choice”, millions of fathers who will never meet their children on earth because of a “choice”, and hundreds of clinic workers who have fallen victim to to the culture of death as they provide “choice” to women. When you think of “choice” do you think of young women living free lives? Or do you think of the reality this has created: depression, tears, broken relationships, dismembered children, hardened hearts, and families torn apart by a single choice?

We are better than the lies of the “pro-choice” euphemism. Women deserve to be told what choice really means, but we have to recognize what it actually means to be pro-choice first. It means that we support choice in general – not just reproductive choices. It doesn’t mean we think all choices are good or even right. Things like abortion are wrong in and of themselves.

Give it some thought, then comment below: What do you mean when you say “choice”?

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