Mississippi: Abortion-Free State?

Did you know Mississippi could very soon be the first state to be abortion-free?

A law was passed in Mississippi which requires abortionists to have admittance privileges at a hospital close to the abortion facility (which is a good thing for when they injure women). The last standing abortion clinic in Mississippi, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, has four abortionists, three of which fly in from other states. The other one very rarely performs abortions and already has hospital privileges. Fortunately, the closest six hospitals have refused to grant the other three abortionists the privileges they would need. Because of this law, this clinic could close within a month making Mississippi the first state without an abortion clinic.

Mississippi (and this clinic’s owner Diane Derzis) have a history of endangering women. According to Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, “After looking at the abysmal safety record of abortionists in Mississippi, the hospital privilege requirement is the very least that the state can do to protect women.”

Read more about this here and here.

The Clinic
Clinic Owner Diane


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