7 Quick Takes – Vol. 1


Welcome to 7 Quick Takes – the weekly posts where I write about 7 random things which may or may not be significant to you or me in any way. Since I usually write about abortion or Catholicism, I’m going to make an effort to write about other things here: whatever’s going on in my life, something I run across that I want to share, or just a random tidbit something funny. Enjoy!

— 1 —

Today was a beautiful day, as in a beautiful winter day: sunny and chilly. Sunshine is always awesome. It wasn’t very sunny on Thursday after it snowed about 8 inches (see below), so it’s been fabulous to soak up some rays before it starts snowing again (BTW, the sunshine made me realize how pale I’ve gotten since summer – yikes!).


— 2 —

I have four tests/midterms this week. Let’s just say I can’t wait until next weekend when spring break begins!

— 3 —

Speaking of spring break, I’ll be heading up to North Dakota for a mission trip on an Indian reservation next week. It’s something I’ve never done before and am looking forward to. We’re going to be serving several communities within the reservation by doing service projects and hosting events for kids. I’ll be sure to write about how it goes!

— 4 —

Fr. Pontifex is coming to my school tomorrow night which should be neat. He’s apparently a YouTube sensation with his rap-type spoken word videos. Here’s one of them:

— 5 —

I really miss babies. I miss babysitting and holding babies. I’ve been trying to find a family to babysit for out here, but don’t really know how to go about that…so I made a Pinterest board for cute babies. Here’s one of them to make you smile. ISN’T S/HE SO CUTE?!?!?! If anyone wants me to babysit, I can make myself available 🙂


— 6 —

I have an interview tomorrow for a RA position here at BC next school year. Hopefully that goes well! I’ll know by Friday how it turns out.

— 7 —

I have very much enjoyed writing these random things. Keep coming back every Sunday night to see my quick takes for the week – now carpe diem!

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 1

  1. So glad to see you started Seven Quick Takes, too, Laura! Have you tried advertising as a nanny on care.com? I found a great nanny through there. An family would be lucky to have you. Blessings – and keep up the good work.


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