7 Quick Takes – Vol. 4


— 1 —

Habemus Papam! When the white smoke went up on Wednesday, I was sitting in my room doing research on my laptop. I got a text from my brother (“WHITE SMOKE!”) as the bells of our Abbey began to toll. A couple friends and I made a mad dash for the TV downstairs, and some screams were definitely emitted as we ran. We turned EWTN on, and waited. It was a while until Pope Francis was revealed, so we headed over to our student union where the President of BC, one of our priests, several of the professors, and hundreds of students skipped class to watch the historic moment. People cried and cheered. We knelt as Pope Francis gave his blessing. It was an incredible moment to be part of, and one moment in which I was so proud to be a raven.

A small portion of the people gathered in our auditorium to watch

— 2 —

I have finally memorized the Sanctus! We didn’t do it often in latin back home, but I’ve memorized it here. We’re doing it in my concert chorale class, which we’ll be performing next Sunday. My favorite song we’re doing is O God Beyond All Praising. Look it up! It makes me tear up sometimes, it is so beautiful. If I could find a good YouTube video, I would share it. But alas! A good one is not to be found.

— 3 —

I just got word the 5k I signed up for is cancelled. Oh well. I went on a 2 mile jog last week, which felt really good. Now I just need to come up with a realistic plan to stay in better shape. What’s new?

— 4 —

After an experience outside an abortion clinic yesterday (and hearing about a similar but worse story from my Mom), I felt like I needed to write this post.

— 5 —

Last night I watched Casablanca for the first time. Apparently it’s one of those movies you “have” to see…I kept falling asleep because it was late and I was tired because of getting up early for the clinic, so I didn’t catch the whole thing. I’ll have to watch it again. Older movies are so different from newer ones – it’s so refreshing!

— 6 —

This week I’m registering for classes in the fall! It looks like I’ll be taking lots of business classes. Yay math? I think it’s funny because I have said for years that I would not take math in college. I was also saying a couple weeks ago I would not major in business. And now I’ll be doing both…

— 7 —

The son of the Dean of Student at BC was in terrible car accident last week. Can you join me in praying for him? More info can be found  here.

Have a lovely week! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

One thought on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 4

  1. Our family was watching EWTN online when the white smoke went up! So exciting!

    You have to watch Casablanca again – it’s awesome movie, and it has so many famous lines!


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