7 Quick Takes Vol. 6


— 1 —

Happy Easter! It’s weird to not be home for Easter this year, but I’ve had great opportunities here. I went to a Last Supper Mass with feet washing, a Good Friday service, and Easter vigil. I’ve never been to an Easter vigil before, and it was awesome. My favorite parts were when we processed to our seats by candlelight and when all the lights were turned on (and the altar was decorated) during the gloria.

— 2 —

We decorated Easter eggs yesterday (which turned out interesting with no vinegar). We ended up using sharpies for the first time. Dying eggs is definitely a must for Easter traditions!

My sharpie egg

— 3 —

Speaking of Easter break, it’s been lovely to have down time and cook real food. We’ve made chicken alfredo, pizza, pancakes (comin’ out the wazoo!), REAL eggs, and spam. Reminds me of home…but we keep making too much food because we’re from big families 🙂 Anyone want a 13 x 9 in. pan filled with pancakes?

— 4 —

It’s been so beautiful recently (like 60’s-70’s). I love the sunshine! I’ve definitely broken into my flip flops and sundresses. COME ON SUMMER!

— 5 —

Speaking of summer, I am definitely doing a water balloon pinata when I’m home.

Water Pinata! A cheap and fun way to have the kids cool off!

— 6 —

So, I’ve never been one to follow tv shows, but during this break I’ve been enjoying some (especially Nanny 911). Time to get back to the grindstone and finish up the last 5 weeks of school though!

— 7 —

This video. Nuf’ said. I love being Catholic.

Have a perfectly lovely week, and visit Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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