Life Round-Up Vol. 1

New Blog Series!

As I read through the latest happenings online each week, I often think about sharing them. But them I usually don’t, for fear people who have liked my page on Facebook will rip their eyes out in desperation. Plus, I’m trying to not be negative by bashing all the stories. But now, I’ve come up with a solution! Each week, I’ll put together a round-up of the major stories going on that I’ve read about. They’ll probably mostly be about life things, and Catholic things. Check back every Saturday

Family Guy created a musical of Terri Schiavo’s story

I’ve never watched the show, but have heard it’s super inappropriate…Anyway, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll never be watching it after seeing this.


Exodus 2013

Abby Johnson created the first ever day of exodus for abortion clinic workers. I’ve heard incredible things have happened, but will have to wait to hear exactly what! If you haven’t read about Abby’s epic organization, ATTWN, check it out! Oh, and also: Exodus 20:13 is “Thou shall not kill” in the Bible – and they didn’t even know that when they created the event.

Gosnell’s Trial

If anyone ever tries to tell you abortion is safe, point them to this story. This abortionist killed countless women and babies (he’s on trial for 7). He kept severed baby feet in jars, and had blood all over his unregulated abortion clinic. The babies he often killed by snipping their spinal columns – and he taught his unlicensed staff to do the same. Read more here, here, and here. Warning: links contain graphic images.

Plan B

So, Plan B used to not be available to minors over the counter. But now Edward Korman (a federal judge in NYC) ruled that Plan B should be available to anyone at any age. This is a megadose of hormones that are known to cause cancer, and have killed women. Now any girl can go get it – without her parents ever knowing. O.M.G. Need I say more?

non logic

Planned Parenthood endorsing post-birth murder

Have you seen this video?

There’s not much I can say to describe what this woman said – basically that we shouldn’t legislate what happens to a child born after a failed abortion. Wow.

Now for some better news….

Artist reaching out to abortion workers

This cool artist (who was nearly aborted) is trying to get this picture into the hands of abortion clinic workers – and pregnancy resoure centers too. How cool! Read this to see how you can help that happen!

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