7 Quick Takes – Vol. 10


— 1 —

This week I ran my first Color Run! Well, let’s rephrase that . . . I made it to the end without dying after realizing how terribly I need to get in shape as people whizzed by me. Thoughts that ran through my head: “Holy cow, how can that person keep running?”, “This colored powder tastes like nature”, “My sunglasses need to stop fogging up”, “How did the powder get through my pants?”, andย “Oh my gosh, my boogers are teal”.

2013-04-27 001 014
After I had cooled down a bit
2013-04-27 001 005
Color splash!

— 2 —

This week I gave blood for the first time! My school does it a couple times a year, and I was a little nervous to do it. The last memory I have of a needle being in the general vicinity of my elbow was my kindergarten physical when I had to be held down for that shot. At least that’s what I remember. . . Anyway, I couldn’t come up with a good enough excuse to get out of it, so I did it. The lady who did mine was very good and found my vein nicely (thank goodness because you can’t see it) without having to hold me down ๐Ÿ™‚ I bled very quickly (is that tmi?) and it was super weird to have this warm tube coming out of me with my own blood in it. It’s like an external vein!! I’ve had no bruising or problems, so the experience was good. I’ll do it again, especially since I’m a universal donor (O-).

— 3 —

Only two more days of classes! I’m just a little excited about this one – More than Mr. Bean is even!

— 4 —

Now that classes are almost over, it means finals are just around the corner. I have 2 this Thursday and 3 next Monday. I also have a huge group project due this Tuesday which we’re writing a paper and giving a presentation for. Let’s just say I’ve learned why you should NEVER be the one to edit a group paper.

— 5 —

I’m happy to announce that I will be President of Ravens Respect Life next school year! We had elections this past week and since the other president nominees dropped out, it wasn’t too close of a vote ๐Ÿ™‚ I am PUMPED to lead this awesome group, organize the way it functions, and motivate/encourage/inspire people to stand up for LIFE.

A previous RRL March for Life trip

— 6 —

My birthday is always going to be around finals. This year, we’re having our last abortion clinic trip in the morning and an Audrey Assad concert at night. It’s quite an interesting way to celebrate, but it’s what makes my life: Catholicism and pro-life stuff. I find it rather appropriate.

— 7 —

This week BC had its “Jam for the Lamb” which is basically a talent show we do every semester. Acts ranged from girls with guitars to “The Blobs” to hilarious parodies to dancing future seminarians. You can watch the last act here ๐Ÿ™‚

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