7 Quick Takes – Vol. 17


— 1 —

Happy Father’s Day! What more needs to be said? Thanks to all the dads out there (and all types of father figures) for all you do.

— 2 —

Did you know the USCCB is having another Fortnight for Freedom? It starts on the 21st, so check it out here before it starts! Come August 1st, it may be time for good-ol’ civil disobedience.

— 3 —

This week I’m starting to be busy with babysitting jobs on top of my other 3 jobs. It sure is nice to be busy and constructive with my time, on top of helping people out! It’s funny because the 2 (now 3) part-time jobs I have haven’t been as many hours as I was expecting. So now I’ve got lots and lots of requests for other work lined up. Good thing I just bought a new planner (and a cute one at that) to keep everything straight!

— 4 —

Do you have TV shows you watch when you have free time? I don’t follow any shows (used to for Psych, but not since it’s turn more inappropriate, LAME) but like watching some on Netflix every once in a while. My favorites are Nanny 911, sometimes Extreme Couponing, and Undercover Boss. For some reason, Netflix just took Nanny 911 off of instant watch though…..

— 5 —

I failed in the exercise department this week. After feeling so good and exercising consistently last week, I don’t know why I didn’t continue. It’s just easy to stop once you skip a day I guess. I’m starting fresh tomorrow though, and don’t plan on stopping this time!

— 6 —

I know there are a lot of important legal cases going on right now, but I’ve been terrible about doing anything about them. I feel like a bad pro-lifer. For example, I know AB 154 could legalize abortions by non-doctors in CA, and we have the whole HHS thing taking effect on August 1st, and the pain-capable something rather act that would make any abortion past 20 weeks illegal. These are terribly important, and I should be doing more about them. Anyone have an interesting lead I could look at to start researching to write about them?

— 7 —

Since finishing the Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, I wanted to read a book for fun next – not a religious one. But the funny thing is it’s been SO long since I’ve read a “fun” book that I don’t event know where to begin. So….I started reading Rediscover Catholicism (it’s great so far, by the way, and the intro alone was crazy!). Everything I’ve been reading for the last few years has been for school or something pro-life or Catholic. While I love those books, and learn so much from them, I would like to read some things that I can sit down and just devour like when I was little and would read up in our apricot tree or on the hammock. I just re-found a list recently from a summer where I read nearly 100 books, and have many fond memories of staying up super late to finish a good book. Any suggestions? I tend to go for historical fiction. We just got the hammock back up recently, so I may have to start trying to beat that old record….. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 17

  1. I just discovered Jocelyn Green for historical fiction. She has a series on the Civil War; I’m two books into that. They are almost independent novels; there are just a few references to other books, but nothing crucial to the plot.
    For TV shows, I watch Doctor Who… I’m a British addict and nerd, so it fits 🙂 But they are clean! And who can resist a British accent? 😉


  2. You’re babysitting? That’s great! Do they have babies to help with your baby-deprivedness? 🙂
    Also, you are not a bad pro-lifer. While you haven’t been staying informed of every piece of legislation I’m sure you’ve been doing other stuff in the movement, like say, working at 2 crisis pregnancy centers. 😉
    Fun books? What are those? I realize my reading list (http://wp.me/p2MDgK-ap) has like 0 fiction on it. The books are all Catholic-related or teaching-related or woman/pregnancy/pro-life-related. For me, I want to read books that are really going to mean something and teach me something. There’s nothing wrong with reading just for fun though. Maybe you could try some Christian fiction? Or classics like Austen??


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