7 Quick Takes – Vol. 19


— 1 —

Happy Sunday from me and my little sista! We’re enjoying a chill sort of Sunday 🙂


— 2 —

This week my family and I went strawberry picking. There’s one place we usually go to, but they were all picked-out already. We tried a new place with all organic pesticide free strawberries that ended up being a little naturally moldy as well. They were much smaller than the ones we’ve picked in the past, so it was a little tougher. But I made 10 jars of jam yesterday with one of my sisters, so yum!

Yumminess boiling away 🙂

— 3 —

This week I’ve completed up to day 15 of the 30 day Jillian thing. It’s hard to make myself do it simply because I really hate having to change into workout clothes, get sweaty like nobody’s business, and then want to change and shower right after (because who wants those Gila Radner sweat balls hanging off your nose anyway??). I saw Jen’s playlist to the workout a while ago and then made my own with my younger brother who’s been doing it with me. Here’s what we’ve been sweating to:

Dental Care by Owl City (3:11)

Eye of the Tiger by Journey (4:03)

So What by Pink (3:34)

I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan (3:22)

Raise Your Glass by Pink (3:25)

That Don’t Impress Me Much by Shania Twain (4:26)

Animal by Neon Trees (3:32)

Litany by Matt Maher (2:15)

You can play this list on grooveshark here. Jen has it down to a science, so you can make your own playlist if you want. Just have a warm-up song around 3:12 and a warm-down song around 2:10 with about 22:15 in between.

— 4 —

This week was somewhat depressing with all the DOMA, Prop 8, and SB5 things going around. But I take solace in the fact that no matter what happens, the Church is constant. We’ve been around for thousands of years and have gone through much worse. If it comes to martyrs in the next decades (which I don’t rule out as a possibility) then fine. They’re just helping us get to heaven. But we’ll continue to fight the good fight because hello! We’re Catholics, and it’s kind of our thing to stand up for truth and against injustice, ya’ll.

— 5 —

Do you think you could stand for like 11+ hours (can’t remember how long it was) talking about your support for abortion? I mean, I hope you don’t support it (talk to me if you do), but still….who can stand for that long without eating or peeing? I mean, I’d do it to support an important pro-life piece of legislature if I had to (are catheters that bad? I don’t have any experience…). And fasting isn’t a foreign concept to me. But I just can’t imagine doing that for something as heinous as abortion. I could talk about joyful stories of women choosing life, and the tragedy of those who are hurt because they did not. But getting up there to have some long emotional rant about how women need the right to kill viable babies is beyond me. Completely.

Hey Wendy Davis, what do YOU think?

— 6 —

On a more joyful note, this week is the 4th of July. I’ll be enjoying the company of family as we celebrate our wonderful country that needs to get it together 🙂 Here’s my favorite patriotic song.

And here’s one I heard for the first time recently. More people need to hear this!

— 7 —

And lastly, go check out an awesome “Life of the Week” article I wrote  this week about Hannah Rose’s inspiring story from abortion to pro-life speaker!

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