7 Quick Takes – Vol. 32

— 1 —

Life is busy, and I like it that way. But then I realized recently that I haven’t been working too hard on my September goals. What have I been busy with, then? Well, classes, homework, RRL meetings, writing, eating, sleeping, etc. Life would be so much easier if we didn’t have to sleep for Pete’s sake! Not that I’m actually sleeping much…Coffee helps with that 🙂

— 2 —

Today is Octoberfest! Time for all sorts of yummyness and fun. It’s funny because last year we were bundled in jackets and scarves (which I spilled hot cider or cocoa on) and this year we’re in tank tops. The weather is still not quite 100% fall.

— 3 —

This week our all club RRL meeting topic was how to use social media to spread the pro-life message. It was great. Afterward I went on to Planned Parenthood’s Facebook page (when am I going to learn not to do that anymore?) and had a lovely conversation with people who support abortion.

“Oh no she didn’t!”

The f word was used under 10 times (shocker) in the over 400 comments, and I wasn’t called anything much worse than a stupid cow. Nice, huh? I decided that I probably won’t do this anymore because the abortion supporters who respond are never there with sincere questions or open minds. I did get a lot of insight as to why we think so differently; Namely that many of them view people are “human lice” on mother earth (who would in fact, be much better off if we all died off). I’ll write a follow up post on that soon with more of the beautiful juicy details.

— 4 —

Chocolate milk is delicious. It is currently part of my favorite college snacks: honey roasted peanuts with chocolate milk, an apple with peanut butter, nutella with a banana, or popcorn with cheese powder. The healthiness of that all is overwhelming, right?

— 5 —

Did you know? If unborn babies continued developing (for 9 months) at the rate they start developing at, they would be over 200 pounds at birth. I’m loving my childhood development class!

— 6 —

Right now I’m working on a “Things Catholic Girls Say” video with some friends, and it’s been hilarious so far. I can’t wait to share it!

— 7 —

Need a laugh? Here’s a hilarious post about the things this lady did to her siblings growing up. I can’t say I did anything like that, but it reminded me how awesome big families are.

Have a happy weekend! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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