7 Quick Takes – Vol. 33

— 1 —

I think I kind of forgot what it felt like to be stressed. Until recently, that is. I’ve been doing a fairly good job of getting my assignments done and staying on top of things, but the last couple days have been extremely stressful for me. We’re hosting a speaker on campus right now (which is awesome!), but I’m not going to lie: all the back ground things that entails has stressed me out.

I went to bed on Wednesday knowing I would be getting up with lots to do. Then I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm, thank you very much. (No, that was not a good thing since I needed to sleep.) To top it off, it was pouring rain outside. I had to run to Walmart for some last minute things and forgot my list I had made the night before. Wow. That had to be a pretty quick trip because I had to work soon after and barely had time to eat half a breakfast sandwich before work. Then I had 45 minutes to grab lunch, send out a mass email, and prep some things for tonight. So I got those things done and ate a granola bar on the way to class.

From there it was 40 Days for Life prayers and then everything started for the evening, which I’ll talk about more later.

As I was driving back from Walmart, I was thinking about all this and trying to keep it all straight. Then guess what? This song came on the radio.

And I was reminded why I’m doing all this: for the least of these. Wouldn’t you know it, that was the gospel reading on Wednesday too. Thanks for the reminder, God!

— 2 —

So, what was this all for? Sidewalk counseling training! Don’t know what that is? It’s when you go outside abortion clinics and engage men and women going in. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and just wanted more formal training before trying. We’re leaving campus at 5:15AM tomorrow for our first day. Wish us luck! Or better yet, pray for us.

— 3 —

I’ve been sleeping terrible lately. Now I don’t want to be a negative Nancy here, but really. I never thought I slept weird or had any sleep issues before coming to school. And it really seems as if it’s just this year too. It’s been taking me a good 30+ minutes to get to sleep (sometime upwards of an hour) and then I wake up when my roommate’s alarm goes off or the light goes on, or if there’s any big noise. I can’t go to sleep if there’s a movie on in the lounge  or people talking. Of course none of that seems terribly abnormal, but it means that some nights I only get 5 hours of sleep. And I’m not sure what to do about it . . .

— 4 —

Midwest thunderstorms. Need I say more? California has nothing on them.

— 5 —

A couple nights ago I was going to bed and my room was pitch black. I had just walked in from the common room, so my eyes were adjusting and I couldn’t see. I put my books down and reached down to my bed where my red reading pillow was sitting. As I moved it to the floor, I felt something wet and gross on my hand. What?!?!?! I threw it down and grabbed my headlight to see what it was.

HINT: It wasn’t chips.

It was a big juicy spider.

Ignore the words 🙂

So ends my adventure of squishing a big spider before crawling into bed….and no. I didn’t dream about them.

— 6 —

You know what tastes really good? Baked potatoes. It’s one thing the caf does really well.

— 7 —

And now here’s a video of a fabulous Disney song that’s a part of my concert chorale performance tomorrow. Video of that coming soon!

Have a splendiforous day. For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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