2014 Goals & a Goal Link-Up!

One of my favorite things is new beginnings – new day, week, month, year. You name it. I love taking time to look ahead to the future and use a new beginning as a springboard for changes in my life. With the new year already upon us, it only seems appropriate to look ahead to what it holds:

– the end of my sophomore year and then half of my junior year

– a summer internship in the pro-life movement

– the end of my teenage years

– the end of my first year as president of Ravens Respect Life

– the first wedding in my immediate family

– lots and lots of good reading material and opportunities to become a better person

Reading Rediscovering Catholicism and the 4 Signs of a Dynamic Catholic this past year inspired me with the concept of becoming the-best-version-of-myself. It’s hard a lot of the time. Annnnnnd sometimes I fail at it. But I am always conscious of it now. I have found where God wants me to be right now – studying at Benedictine and working in the pro-life movement – and know that through it I will continue to face challenges. My life is determined by how I respond to the situations, people, and opportunities thrown my way. So I’d better make the best of my life and strive to not just live my life, but thrive with all that I have been given.

Here are some things I plan to work on throughout 2014 in no particular order:

1. Regular sidewalk counseling

Through RRL we’re working on starting a regular program for students to be trained and then go out and reach women outside of abortion clinics. It’s exciting and somewhat terrifying at the same time. But mostly exciting. I’m going to be on the frontlines with other students striving to “Be the Light” for people in desperate situations.

2. Writing regularly for Live Action

This is something I have seriously neglected for the past couple months. I’m not sure why, except that classes and activities were rather consuming. I love writing for Live Action so I need to make time to do this.

3. Being more positive

Right now one of the books I’m reading is A people of hope. An interesting concept that I was just reading about in it is that of affirmative orthodoxy. It’s basically the concept of talking about what the church says yes to instead of what it says no to. And it goes into detail about how Cardinal Dolan is seen as a wimp sometimes when he doesn’t call people out on things. He talks more about the positive aspects of what we believe instead of tearing people down. Now, I don’t want to be a wimp. But I know for certain that building people up is good. And I need to do more of it. I think this is a reason why I haven’t written a whole lot for Live Action lately because much of what I wrote in the past is based on something negative. I need to rethink my writing strategy and always strive to “Be the Light”.

4. Being less of a procrastinator

An idea one of my friends and I are planning on trying out is treating our school days like work days. We will pack our bags before morning classes (8 or 9am) and take everything for the day. Then we plan to stay out of our rooms until dinner when our working time is over. Any time we’re not in class, we need to find a place to sit down and be constructive knowing that if we work hard we can have the majority of evenings free. It all sound so lovely, right? I’m sure it won’t be so peachy when we start, but I am determined to make this happen.

5. Becoming a better Catholic and all-around better person

This is a never ending process. I will continue to work on my prayer life (adding more adoration), and plan to focus more on practicing virtues and random acts of kindness. Anyone have suggestions for some guideline or framework here? I found out through a (I’m hoping somewhat legitimate) test that I am the same personality type as Mother Teresa . . . so I’ve got lots of work to do studying and learning from her 🙂

6. Getting more fit

One thing I love about college is having exercise classes. That’s how I enjoy working out. I like challenging myself and sweating my head off to awesome music (with the blinds closed!). I plan to do 2 (or more!) 5k’s in 2014, and someday want to do a mini triathlon. I think treating my days like work days will help with time management, which should make working out more realistic.

7. Think more about writing a book

I still think this might have just been a thought on a crazy day . . . but who knows? Any suggestions and/or ideas are welcome.

8. Read

I’ve rediscovered my love of reading and just need to make time for it. Reading about inspirational people and/or faith related books is my favorite!

And now for my actual January goals . . .

1. Finish plans for RRL’s sidewalk counseling program (with my officers!)

I am so, so excited about this especially since we’re taking it seriously and making concrete plans. Get excited. It’s going to be a big learning process, and I know it will be hard. But we have the potential of making a huge impact. Watch out world!

2. Write 3 articles for Live Action.

Seriously, stop making excuses girl. Git on it.

3. Perform 3 random acts of kindness.

I just made a Pinterest board for this. Whoo! It would be neat to make it a group board for people to add to, so let me know if you’d like to be able to pin to it.

4. You know that 9-5 thing? Do it.

This only starts when I get back to school (and excludes when I’m gone for the March for Life).

5. Finish one of my Mother Teresa books (and hang up the poster from Christmas for a daily reminder)

6. Exercise 3 times a week once I’m back at school.

7. Find and buy a zumba workout DVD.

8. Finish the books I am Malala and A people of hope.

And now drumroll please!

I’ve noticed several bloggers out there who do monthly goals so I created a goal challenge link-up where we can all share our posts together to encourage each other throughout the month. Interested? Never written out goals before? Start small and join us!


Add your general 2014 goals and/or January goals to the link-up below (open until the 15th) so we can get started encouraging each other. The rules? Add your own link. In your post, include the picture above. Then visit some of the others in the collection and encourage each other.

P.S. I have no idea if the link-up will work right off the bat, so bear with me as I learn how to do it and email me with any problems!

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