7 Quick Takes – Vol. 44

Err, Saturday

— 1 —

Hello world! Here I am on Saturday after neglecting to write this yesterday. But the days when I’m too busy doing things that matter to remember to do things that don’t matter that much are the best. If that makes sense 😉 I spent some time making crafts with my littlest sister yesterday and have my check on bag almost completely packed. I’ll be back on campus Monday evening! Now to go finish packing . . .

— 2 —

I’ve enjoyed Christmas break, but am rather excited to get back to school and settle in before heading off for the March for Life. Watch it on EWTN to see us leading!

— 3 —

Anyone with me? Sorry, sports fans, but I get really bored watching (especially football). Unless of course it’s the Superbowl. Then I’ll make the snacks and watch the commercials!

— 4 —

Anyone seen Frozen? Yes, of course you have. Hasn’t everyone? Anyway, I enjoyed it mostly because it was so different than most modern movies. It was nice how they focused on a sister relationship instead of the boy/girl unrealistic relationships that are normally in movies. The music is great too! Kudos to Disney for stepping out of the box.

— 5 —

This video makes me happy. Don’t you wish there were more managers who treated people like this?!?!

— 6 —

God doesn't do things like we do things. He often tests us and then uses the test to teach us an important lesson.
Interesting, huh?

— 7 —

Have any interesting things you’ve read or watched recently? Share them below! And now I’m off to pack and prepare for another semester. Here we go!

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7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 44

  1. Yeah you totally intrigued me to check out Frozen too! Thanks for the reccomendation and enjoy March for Life..!!! I loved going the years I lived near DC (in Canada now… so a little to far to go!) Dress warm and know lots of us who cant be there will be praying for you!
    (I found you through Jens Link up too)


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