7 Quick Takes – Vol. 47

— 1 —

We had a big snow dump earlier this week, which called for snow angels! Oh, and TWO snow days in a row. That was glorious. If it weren’t for dangerous roads and falling on icy paths, I would enjoy living in a snowy area.

— 2 —

Videos of the Week

Touching: Zion Blick’s treasured little life

Funny: combo of “Bet on it” and “Let it go”

— 3 —

Last night we brought out a trainer for sidewalk counseling, and the event went really well. We have over a dozen people interested. Excited is not the right word to use (because who actually wants to be part of such difficult situations?) but I am looking forward to seeing the impact outside our local clinic. Tomorrow morning is our first trip! I know talking to people will get easier with experience, but I’m a little nervous about dealing with the people who yell. Read more about them here, and pray for us!

— 4 —

With starting sidewalk counseling, I’ve been trying to figure out how to sleep on Friday nights. Since coming to college I’ve discovered that I am a pretty light sleeper – which doesn’t work too well on nights when everyone else is staying up late. I can’t tell them to be silent (and not turn lights on later to get ready for bed) BUT I know it’s not safe to drive running on only a few hours of sleep on a regular basis. So I’m kind of stuck.

I’ve been thinking about various noise cancelling sort of things, but I don’t really know what’s out there. Any ideas? Mr. Google wasn’t very helpful because it only brought up $300+ headphones. Or earmuffs. Or noise machines. Anyone have experience that could enlighten me as to some sort of solution that is affordable?

— 5 —

Anyone see this lovely thing going around on Facebook?

To be honest, I am SO TIRED of people saying we hate gay people. Sure, there’s some weird business going on in Russia. I get it. But it’s not like we’re segregating water fountains and telling them to be slaves over here. If being gay isn’t a big deal (hello it’s not – it doesn’t matter to me what your orientations is) then WHY do we make such a big deal out of it?

— 7 —

My classes are plugging along. Christian Moral Life is mah fave. It’s quite hard (take the 14 page and 4,600+ word study guide for the first test for example) but it’s so interesting. And relevant. I’ve been working on the study guide for several days with a couple classmates and we’ve gone in to talk with our professor about questions we had. He’s a great teacher and explains things in a highly intellectual (but also understandable!) way. And exciting fact! We each get in groups to debate controversial issues and I got abortion. Time to research, learn, and hammer out a defense of the Catholic position. Yes, I’m a happy girl!

Have a great weekend! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 47

  1. I used ear plugs in high school and some in college, and after a couple nights getting used to them, I slept great! If you’re looking for white noise, I’m pretty sure there are a couple free apps floating around {depending on your device of choice}. My roomie and I used a small fan for white noise. Also, some movie scores are easy to sleep to {Pride and Prejudice, etc}.
    Hope this helps!


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