7 Quick Takes – Vol. 49

— 1 —

Hey. If it includes sunshine, I’ll take it.

The weather here is delightfully bipolar. I almost could have whipped out my shorts when it was 60 degrees a couple days ago. Then yesterday it snowed, hailed, and was sunny! Variety is the spice of life around here πŸ™‚

— 2 —

I’m happy to report that I am past several tests, and glad that they are over! Christian Moral Life was first with a study guide that ended up being 15 pages. I spent a lot of time studying for that with classmates which felt weird because I’ve honestly not done that before. But it paid off. My grade on that was the best I’ve done on any test here so far. Then came statistics which I knew was going to go okay. And it turned out well! Then came accounting and microeconomics back to back which was terrifying considering the amount of studying I should have put in. *sigh* I always feel like I should study more.

Anyway, I had a (figurative) mini panic attack the night before accounting because I had minimal guidance on what was on the test. But I got more info from my professor and breathed a sigh of relief . . . when it was over. I was very happy with that score too (which was better than both accounting tests last semester). I did much better on my micro test than my macro tests last semester which was a big relief. It’s still hard, and I’m going to have to push myself in that class. But I know that from the start and feel better prepared to tackle it.

All of that to say, it feels good to do well. For too long I’ve looked back regretting not applying myself fully, but now? I know I studied hard and it shows. It’s an awesome feeling to earn a good grade by working hard.

— 3 —

Have you seen this story going around today? The pictures are pretty amazing. I just love seeing stories of people helping people.

— 4 —

It’s almost spring break!! I’m leading a mission trip to work with the Missionaries of Charity in St. Louis. Mother Teresa has always intrigued me and I’m looking forward to this. You’ll just have to wait till I get back to hear more since I don’t expect to be on my computer πŸ™‚

— 5 —

Some links to check out:

Brady Surovik: killed without being a person – my latest for Live Action

Only modern pro-life women’s centers can beat Planned Parenthood – excellent article by Abby Johnson (and definitely what I want to do!!)

Shock for woman expecting identical triplets – cute story πŸ™‚

Gay hate crime stories are sometimes made up – enlightening, and quite interesting

The power of forgiveness – beautiful

Olympic athlete sidelined by contraceptive repercussions – scary

What the media won’t report about Pope Francis – Pope Francis rocks

Priests praying for Ukraine victims – a chilling story, but the priests are wonderful to see

What Catholic girls are like in the chapel – Haha

— 6 —

Is it possible?

I really want to start couponing. But I don’t know how to. It’s just really neat. Anyone have ideas on how you start small?

— 7 —

This weekend I’m looking forward to not having much to do. Of course, that’s besides sidewalk counseling, 3 different meetings, mass, and homework. Maybe I’ll have time to finally finish a couple books! Oh, and write more. Life has been lovely with the sunshine lately πŸ™‚ How about you?

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