February Challenge Day 25: Hello, past!

Linking up with Bailey Jean for the Blog Everyday in February Challenge and Jen for the 7 posts in 7 days challenge! Today’s prompt from the February challenge is a letter to my 16 year old self.

Around 16 . . .

Dear 16 year old me,

Get excited! You have absolutely no idea what’s in store for your future. In fact, no one does. This time in your life is so exciting, and rightfully so. You are just discovering your love of the pro-life movement, and don’t let that go. Become good at what you’re passionate about. And keep at it. Doors will open that you could never have imagined when you’re open to God’s plan for your life.

Know that your friends are going to come and go, but your family and God are always there. Give a little more in your relationships with people and build them up. Pray more. Learn more about how you work and function and come up with ways to become a better version of yourself.

You know some of those bad habits you have? Work on them. Push yourself to become the best version of yourself, but don’t compare yourself with others. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and always try to be better than that.

Rise above what the world offers you, and always strive to learn more about your faith. Strive for excellence, because it’s what you’re made for. We’re all given talents and abilities, and it’s your job to put them to good use.

You’re young, and you’ve got a whole lifetime ahead of you. But don’t let that give you the license to put things off. Be proactive and never slack off. You’re made for more than that!

Find what your passions are. Pursue them. I know you’re just beginning that, and it’s so exciting. Isn’t it? Dream so big that what you accomplish in life will take more than just your little self to accomplish. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Looking back now, I am so excited for what the next few years will hold for you. And at not even 20 now, I still know there’s so much in store that I can’t even comprehend.

Your life is amazing. Everyone’s is. Live like it. Be the light to people around you and work on being better at things you’re good at and improving where you sometimes fail. Life is pretty awesome, huh? Live every day to its fullest and don’t forget to keep your intentions rooted in God as you pursue the life you’re meant to live.


Your not-much-older self 🙂

Only a few left

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2 thoughts on “February Challenge Day 25: Hello, past!

  1. This is so great, Laura! Isn’t it awesome and scary to look back ay what we knew about life back then compared to now, and we’ll say the same thing about now in a few years…ei yi yi! 🙂 Great post and cute picture!


  2. What a cute picture! Gosh, I think I just didn’t enjoy being 16 enough.. And when I think that, I think it doesn’t matter the age–when I’m 50 I’ll think, “I didn’t enjoy 30-something” enough. 🙂 So the note to your 16 yr old self applies to any age! It applies to now! Thanks for sharing.


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