February Challenge Day 27: Blogs I Enjoy

Second to last day of this challenge! Here’s a list of blogs I enjoy in no particular order:

Catholic Sistas

They write about all sorts of things, some of which are not applicable to my life, but others that I really enjoy. It ranges from Catholic living to Pinterest inspiration to all sorts of thought provoking thing too. It’s awesome to read about people living the authentic Catholic life.

The Matt Walsh Blog

He definitely gets rather snarky sometimes, but there’s a lot of truth to his posts. It’s heavy reading, but entertaining and written in a way where you can actually finish a post about a pressing current issue.


Verily rocks because they focus on real people and are short and to the point. Their Pinterest pictures are awesome too.

The Contemplations of a Daughter

I don’t know how Bek and I found each others blogs, but it’s been fun commenting back and forth. It’s so much fun to connect with people in similar times of our lives!

Jumping in Puddles

Jen is a nurse who has a super cute godbaby. ‘Nuf said. She also started the Not Alone Series with Morgan (whose blog I also love to read!).

There are many others I read, but these are the ones I’ll usually read soon after they post something. Go check them out and tell me what you think!

Last day tomorrow! Look at everything I wrote about . . .

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