March Goals

It’s that time of month again . . . time to be accountable. Here are my February goals and how I did:

1. Finish the blog everyday in February challenge.

DONE! It was a lot of fun, a little bit hard, and a good exercise.

2. Write at least 3 articles for Live Action.

What is my problem with this? I wrote one. As I was writing it, I kept asking myself why I don’t do it more. It’s partially because I’ve been trying really hard to not bash people over the web and be a more positive influence on people. A lot of headlines related to life issues are bad, so I choose not to write about many of them. Somehow I need to find a balance.

3. Name one baby each week through 50 Million Names and do a different gesture for each one.

I’ve named 3 total. This past weekend we had an event on campus where we got together people for a pro-life movie night and named babies beforehand. Then we wrote letters to each one telling them how loved they are and put them together in a binder which is now on display in our student union. It was so beautiful!

4. Keep up the exercise, 9-5 thing, and adoration (when it starts).

I’m not out of my room strictly 9-5 each day, but do go to the library to study during breaks instead of coming back to my room where homework comes to die. That’s been wonderful! Adoration is lovely. My Christian Moral Life professor described contemplation as “soaking in the Jesus tan”, and I absolutely love my time chillin’ with Jesus. Exercise is awesome because I don’t feel like a marshmallow! Whoohoo! Being able to do the whole ultimate boot camp workout feels like quite an accomplishment, AND I just got down in my pajamas and did 15 push ups. Boom.

5. Make an effort to do random acts of kindness at least once a week.

We made valentines for all of our dorm mates and I did other stuff too which felt so good! But I can’t tell you what exactly it was because that would defeat the purpose.

6. Finish the 4 books I’m in the middle of!

Fail. But I’m so close! Definitely will have these done soon.

7. Set aside an hour a week to get back to reaching out to people online about abortion.

Fail. Fail. Fail. How did I forget about this? BUT I’ve been going every Saturday to sidewalk counsel and you can find a beautiful recent experience with that here.

8. Share at least 1 inspirational quote or video on Facebook every week.

Hmm, didn’t tally this up, but I started an inspirational photo album on there. And I’ve made an effort to share good things too.

February was a good month, but it went really fast. March will probably too since I’ll be gone for 10 days on a mission trip! I’m leading a group of 7 ladies to work with the missionaries of charity in St. Louis, and can’t wait to get back to tell you about it. The ol’ blog here will be quiet while I’m away, but I’ll be back!


Here are my goals for March which include much of what I’m doing for Lent (but not all):

1. Start my day by reviewing Mother Teresa’s 7 Steps to a Holier Life and doing a morning offering.

2. Stations every Friday

3. Remember to write down more prayer intentions each day, and ask people if there’s anything specific I can pray for them about.

Hey! Do you have anything to add here? I’ll be praying for specific people each day (like usual) and would love to include your intentions.

4. 10 minutes of spiritual reading each day (for Lent)

My goal is to finish Lumen Fidei (over half way now), A People of Hope (so close!), Mere Christianity, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, and the Book of Luke before Easter. 10 minutes is just a start (the bare minimum) and I hope to increase the amount of time.

5. Sort Facebook friends/pages into categories so I spend less time on there

Sorry people, but your hamburger and pets may not be applicable to my life. There’s just so much noise out there, and I’m going to work on cutting it down by doing this. That way I can choose who to look at updates from, and who to only check on occasionally.

6. Read articles intentionally

Enough with the Buzzfeed quizzes and tips for how to have PERFECT hair/nails/teeth/organization/whatever. Those do not contribute to my holiness or happiness so goodbye. Only read articles that have some value to them.

7. Write letters & send random texts

My youngest sister sends the cutest letters. She’s at that stage where she writes phonetically and it’s absolutely hilarious. How fun would it be to make people’s days with a little note?!?! People appreciate being cared about, so be the reason someone smiles!

8. Go to Mass twice a week (other than Sunday)

9. Sleep more

Do yourself and the world a favor by being coherent. Getting off the internet and tackling homework/things to do before 11pm would help with this.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you’ve had time to sort out lenten goals and are able to take this time to become a better version of yourself! Here’s to a fruitful and transformative Lent.

2 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Yay for finishing the February challenge! So glad you did it! 🙂

    My Lent fast/addition is to write two notes a week – guess we’re tracking again 🙂 And your sister’s notes sound hilarious. I love notes from kids!


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