Hippie Fail

Today marks the most recent installment of my hippie adventures.

In doing research on homemade items, I came across this compilation of hair care attempts. Cheap homemade stuff! Cool! I regularly use a bit of mousse in my hair to tame down frizziness and then a bit of spray gel to hold it in place. With short-ish hair it doesn’t take long, and in the mornings a couple sprays of water will restore my hair to a presentable condition. So I just use the products after showering.

Anyway, on to the adventure. I read that boiling flax seeds in water and straining it creates a gel. So naturally I went to search Walmart for flax seeds which was an adventure because wouldn’t you know? People in Atchison are not health nuts who have a high demand for this stuff. I did find it eventually near the flour.

So today I used the ratio prescribed. I boiled and simmered. The post I read had the picture below, which looked pretty legit.

Couldn’t be hard, huh?

Buuuuuut it doesn’t turn out the same if you use milled flax seeds. *AHEM* Want evidence?

Boiled goop
“Straining” doesn’t work when it stays inside
Well, it was the consistency of snot like she said!
Ah, gel with flax particles. How natural!

It did not turn out so well. As you can see, it contains many small particles of flax which would probably not be a splendid thing to put in my hair. I’ll have to search Atchison for whole flax seeds, and in the meantime will have to figure out what to do with this milled stuff! I discovered that flax is also known as linseed (ever heard of linseed oil?) and tastes like walnuts. It’s a natural source of omega-3’s and other healthy stuff. Yay for trying new things!

Until next time.



3 thoughts on “Hippie Fail

  1. “the consistency of snot” would have driven me from the whole idea. When I was a kid, my mom made paper mache for me to do a project, and I stuck my hands in it and started bawling and wouldn’t do the project – I was SO grossed out by the texture!
    Good luck finding the appropriate seeds! 🙂


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