Hello Again.

Hello World.

Today I’m just writing about life, mostly because I’m on break and can.

Right now my room is a mess. I’ve been kind of terrible about answering emails lately. And I’m still in pajamas. I did recently pack up some junk that was in my room (random leftover things from RRL events) and put it into storage which is nice. I also washed ALL my dirty dishes last night, and made banana bread.

College life is pretty fun because it’s a point in my life when I can do lots of things without it interrupting other people’s lives. Take last weekend as an example:

Sun rising outside the clinic (p.s. we don’t hold signs)

Last Saturday I got up at 5am to sidewalk counsel. It was quite the morning outside the clinic. A baby was saved (for the first time when we were there) after talking with other people. It was beautiful, even though we didn’t know much of anything about the situation!

I’ve learned so much outside that clinic, and look forward to continuing. It deserves its own post though.

After that I drove over with the counselors to RRL’s baby item drive.

We ended up collecting a whole car load!

People were very generous, and it was beautiful. Some parents had their little kids hand us the donated items which was sweet.

From there we got back and I had a 3 hour long rehearsal for concert chorale.

So. Tired.

Getting ready to leave campus

The next morning I got up to do a leg of LIFE Runner’s A-Cross the country race. It was in a beautiful rural area with nearly perfect weather. 3.4 miles didn’t seem too painful when it’s for a cause, which I was really surprised about.

At the end!

We got back in just enough time for me to shower before the concert chorale performance. Filming that didn’t work out so well (camera battery dying and all) so I’ll see if someone can record our next performance next Friday.  It was beautiful. And there was a thunderstorm going on during it.

Afterward I wrote a paper, did homework, studied for a test, went to evening Mass, and then our Eucharistic procession after it. That was really beautiful. The wind was insane and it was sprinkling, but it was still awesome.

It was nice to have a short week of school. Finals are getting close! Yesterday the wind was so strong I literally was almost blown down a flight of stairs. I had to hang on to the railing for dear life for a second. Whew!

Right now there are not many people on campus, and we’re having fun making our own food (ie. dinosaur chicken nuggets, pasta, etc). We’ll go to the traditional triduum mass/service/vigil. That will be nice.

Since it’s Holy Week, I feel like I should be writing something religious, but I don’t really have anything profound to say. Jesus died for us. It’s pretty amazing. Go watch The Passion and go to whatever your church has too!  This really is a beautiful time of year reflecting on my faith and having time away from homework to do that.

What are your favorite Lenten/holy week traditions?

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