Answer Me This: Vol. 1

I recently found this new link-up (hosted by Kendra) with random questions each week, so I thought it’d be nice to join. Here goes my first-ever (and late – ha!) installment of Answer Me This.

1. Are you becoming your mother?

Well, I would say there’s a bit of both my parents in my personality. Wasn’t that a fascinating first answer?!?!

2. Coffee or tea?

Tea, in my opinion, is gross. Iced coffee is my favorite (with the milk and all that jazz) along with caramel lattes. However, coffee is a diuretic (tmi, much?) which is not very convenient so I don’t have it very often.

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?

If I were to travel abroad, I would want to go to the Vatican or Ireland. The Vatican because of all the history and the Pope – Ireland because it is so beautiful and awesome. But I don’t have my heart set on traveling, so I don’t know that this will ever happen (and I’m okay with that). I want to see all of America first!

4. Do you cry easily?

It depends, honestly. I sometimes cry when I’m mad, which can be annoying. But I am able to work through it when the issue is going on. I can hold it together when I have to. I’ve noticed that I tend to put up with a whole lot, but when something puts me over the edge I will cry, get over it, come up with a solution, pray, and be done. If it’s an issue with a particular person, I remove myself from their presence to cool off.

I cry when reading inspiring stories sometimes, or watching beautiful movies. The hardest I ever remember crying was watching For Greater Glory. Is that weird? I don’t know.

If you haven’t seen it, skip this next part. It was during the part when the little boy (was he named a saint?) had been caught and was standing near a grave with a guy who had a gun at hand. The boy’s parents came into the scene (details are fuzzy), and were crying. The guy with the gun was telling the boy to renounce God, and he refused. The boy’s parents begged him to, and were frantic. The boy refused, though, and was killed right before their eyes. I don’t know how they made it so realistic. It was the looks between them. The ultimate sacrifice. Gosh, it gives me chills.

5. How often do you wear heels?

Pretty often! It’s definitely a perk of being on the shorter side. I don’t wear crazy high things, but a classy heal is definitely my go-to for Mass and fancy occasions. Check out WIWS posts for pictures.

6. Do you play an instrument?

Not fluently. I took piano for a few years on-and-off, and did voice lessons when I was in musicals in high school. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who can sit down at the piano (or guitar) and just knock out an awesome song, buuuut nope. It takes a lot of work. Perhaps someday I will buy a piano and watch YouTube videos to re-learn.

Check back on Sunday for next week’s post!

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