When the going gets tough

. . . the tough get going. Right?

Yeah, that’s harder than it sounds.

Until this semester, I have never considered myself a lazy person. Ever. It just wasn’t something that was in my blood. A possibility? Eh, unlikely. I am the do-er of all things, the planner, the one to get up and do something when other people don’t. I still do that. I can’t stand sleeping in (unless it’s desperately needed), and am always busy doing things.

But I’ve realized that what I’m doing is actually kind of stupid sometimes.

For example:

Why do I read people’s blogs? Why do I check Facebook? Why do I read so many articles? Yeah, Buzzfeed. Why do I spend time on there sometimes? Why do I sometimes spend time doing things that aren’t 100% necessary? Why don’t I get up earlier? Why do I go to bed so late? Why don’t I work out and pray more?

Basically: why I am not fully running like a crazy person toward the person I’m capable of being?

That’s not to say I’ve been lounging on the couch eating potato chips and watching all the seasons of Say Yes to the Dress. Nope, I still don’t like tv. I’ve worked out quite a lot and grown in my prayer life. But I’ve procrastinated on projects. I’ve forgotten to respond to people’s communication. I’ve done things later than I should have, even though I knew about them well ahead of time. I’ve just not done my best.

And I really hate that.

I am capable of getting all my homework done more than a day before it’s due. I am capable of responding to all important communication within a reasonable amount of time. I am capable of going without the internet for days on end. I am capable of having a thriving prayer life, and being in good shape.

Even though I’ve thought about it, I haven’t come up with a reason why I haven’t worked harder on these things. I want to be better. It kills me that I haven’t tried harder.

So I’m moving on.

It’s high time to whip myself into gear and show God I’m actually serious about being the person He created me to be. So I’m going to use this summer to challenge myself like never before. It might mean getting up by 6am and pushing myself to do things outside my comfort zone. And what I know it means is working my butt off to unite my life to the life God made me to live. Basically this quote sums it up:

Conquer Yourself Augustine

Who’s ready to put on some warpaint and be a boss at life?!?! Care to join me? There just aren’t excuses at this point in my life for not being better, so I’m going to be karate-chopping the world down and standing on top of it like that guy in Mulan when he’s king of the rock. Except I’m a girl. And I have regular clothes on. Bad analogy.


I’ll be sharing my goals in the next week or so. Want to join me in making this summer count? Start thinking about what you want to do, habits you wan to kick or develop, and let’s bounce our ideas off each other!

To Life


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4 thoughts on “When the going gets tough

  1. Hi Laura! Perfect timing on this article. I’m so with you on needing to focus more on the things in life that are most important. I needed to remind myself and I will remind you as well, not to beat your self up too much. We can’t always do as much as we want to, so we must do what we can and be grateful for what we’ve accomplished. PS I was watching Mulan for the first time tonight! No joke. Good reference 😉


    1. Gah, it’s a constant struggle, isn’t it? Solidarity!

      I just want to be able to look back and know I gave my all. But I can’t dwell on the past too much, because we can’t change that. So I’m excited to really try hard to be realistic but also challenge myself to do great things.

      Thank you for the comment, and glad you saw Mulan to get that 🙂 Excited to really focus on what’s more important!

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  2. I have been thinking about this very thing lately. I feel like I’ve slipped into some bad habits during the long months of winter and a very busy/stressful spring. I’m thinking about what I want to do to change that over the next few weeks. Great timing on this post!


    1. Thanks, Trudi! It’s such an ongoing challenge, isn’t it? Hey, we’re putting together accountability partners over in the NAS group. Would you like to be part of that? At least personally, I know having someone to check in with would really help!


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