7 Quick Takes – Vol. 59

There’s been a lot of heavy stuff going around lately, so guess what? I’m not going to talk about any of it right now! Here are 7 Quick Takes that you can breeze through without consulting moral codes or The Catechism.

1. My first internship of the summer is over half way done, which is hard to believe! It’s good experience, and has given me the opportunity to work with amazing people. Even though it’s not ideal to be away from home, it’s nice (but also weird) to have a lot of time to live without the stress of homework.

2. On that same note, what are you supposed to do with yourself when you don’t have homework? I’m reading and writing quite a bit, exercising, working full time, but I need ideas of what to do besides that. What do you suggest?

3. How’s this for a little end of week awesome story? Kudos to this guy for owning his stutter!

4. Are you reading any awesome books right now? I’m working on Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Mission (from Dynamic Catholic), and it’s pretty good. There are many others I have, but if you have suggestions, I’m all ears!

5. Want another feel good story after all the craziness going around this week? Here’s a beautiful video on the adoption story of a beautiful family.

6. I enjoyed this graphic (stolen from The Culture Project) this week.

A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love - Mama T <3

7. Did you hear about this couple welcoming their 100th grandchild? It’s so beautiful to see a loving family that welcomes life!

And so ends my 7 quick takes without talking about serious stuff. If you have any funny articles (like this), please send them my way! Now go do something to enjoy life this weekend!

 Head on over to Kelly’s place for more 7QT 🙂

One thought on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 59

  1. If you are looking for something fun and enjoy cooking or being in the kitchen – try watching a few youtube videos on how to chop fruit, or make fruit or veggie art. Simple and fun.


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