7QT, vol 69: Politics, painting, and Guam


Have you been keeping up with the news lately? Like many people, I got used to news coming from what friends and pages post on Facebook. But that’s obviously biased depending on who you follow, not to mention tiring and incomplete. So recently I asked for podcast suggestions for fair daily news! Here are three I’ve been listening to mostly daily, which I recommend:

The Daily (New York Times): this is the most biased of the three and I do slightly roll my eyes at times. But it’s mostly fine, and usually goes deeper into one topic than try to cover all of them equally. It’s a little over 20 minutes.

The Newsworthy with Erica Mandy: she covers a nice variety of topics and stays factual, which is awesome, in under 10 minutes.

Up First (NPR): this is pretty similar to the last one in that it covers a wide variety, but is focused a bit more on politics. It’s usually around 10 minutes.

Do you know of others to suggest?


On a more personal note, last weekend I hosted a paint and sip! I’ve been hosting monthly game nights/get togethers to meet and get to know local young adults with my sister (which have been met with extremely variable results). We painted along to a Bob Ross episode, which I think was a great format. The one we did was called Mystic Mountains if you want to try your hand. Here’s my finished product!

Other things I’ve been up to? Sharing Freedom’s Calling – a blog series commemorating Humanae Vitae’s anniversary with real life stories! We only have the final post left. Can you believe it’s already almost over?! Check out the first in the series here, and you can go from there to each one. Would love to hear your feedback.


The Supreme Court was BUSY this week. They decided 5-4 that pregnancy resource centers here in CA could not be forced to notify clients of where to go for state-funded abortions. Does that not seem obvious? I find it chilling that four justices don’t see a problem with compelled speech. Justice Kennedy did not mince words. He said:

“It does appear that viewpoint discrimination is inherent in the design and structure of this Act [the law SCOTUS repealed]. This law is a paradigmatic example of the serious threat presented when government seeks to impose its own message in the place of individual speech, thought, and expression. For here the State requires primarily pro-life pregnancy centers to promote the State’s own preferred message advertising abortions. This compels individuals to contradict their most deeply held beliefs, beliefs grounded in basic philosophical, ethical, or religious precepts, or all of these…

The California Legislature included in its official history the congratulatory statement that the Act was part of California’s legacy of “forward thinking.”. But it is not forward thinking to force individuals to “be an instrument for fostering public adherence to an ideological point of view [they] fin[d] unacceptable.”

[Read the whole piece right here starting on page 25.]


Oh, and speaking of Justice Kennedy: Did you hear he’s retiring? This is huge since Trump will likely appoint a more reasonable and moderately-minded judge than one Hillary Clinton would have. I know many people who voted for Trump despite their reservations on his character did so for precisely this reason (though I didn’t vote for him or Hillary), and I’d honestly feel pretty validated right about now if that were me. This will certainly have a significant impact in coming years.


Aaaanyway. Okay, last political thing for now: immigration. I’ve been watching and reading about it all. I even wrote out a long 7QT, but decided not to publish it. I just find the issue incredibly nuanced and difficult, and most people incapable of thinking or speaking about it reasonably. And I’d like to be a reasonable person. Would you like to discuss next week? I might make it next week’s 7QT, but enjoy how these are usually more fun. Let me know if there are any certain aspects you’d like to see addressed.


Super exciting summer plans: do you have any? I usually don’t do anything crazy big, especially now working full time. BUT. Next month I’m going to the island of Guam with a sister and my grandparents (where they’re from). I am so pumped to see all the family history and experience the culture and meet relatives and visit what will probably be the best beaches I’ll ever see. I can’t even believe it and will definitely be sharing some pictures after the fact.


Oooh! I didn’t share about the recent quick weekend trip to Mount Shasta. It was quite gorgeous, and a great place for fresh air in the mountains. 10/10 recommend getting outside more.

This is a view of Mount Shasta from the shore of nearby Lake Siskiyou. I walked around the entire lake (~7 miles) with a friend, which was so peaceful and nice.

That’s it for now. For more 7 Quick Takes, head over to Kelly’s place. Tell me all about your summer, recent reads, trips, and politics in the comments here!

9 thoughts on “7QT, vol 69: Politics, painting, and Guam

  1. I don’t listen to any news podcasts, but I do get two news summary emails. (I have my email processing down to a science, so getting more email doesn’t bother me.) The Skimm is older, aimed towards women, and usually includes some celebrity news. The Daily Pnut is newer, more gender-neutral, usually celebrity-free but military-full. The founder is a veteran. They’re both quite liberal, but I feel informed, which is my goal. I also enjoy seeing how similar formats cover the same news.


  2. Your painting looks so good! And thanks for mentioning the news podcasts. I really am trying to do better about keeping up at least somewhat with the news, but I often don’t read (or I just skim) the news e-mails I get sent to my e-mail inbox. A short podcast just might be what I need!

    I’d be interested in seeing what you have to say on immigration stuff. Tsh Oxenreider, at the Art of Simple, wrote a splendid article that I really enjoyed, because she seemed to touch on a lot of the complexities of the issue. Fr. Mike Schmitz also just did a good short video/podcast where he talked a bit about it. I used to always think of immigration issues as black-and-white political matters, but in recent years have really come to realize that it’s a human rights issue, and therefore is much more complicated than just checking off certain political boxes.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I felt the same way wanting to stay up to date, but I take in too much written digital content as it is. I just honestly don’t have the bandwidth to read lots of news articles or emails, nor do I have the desire to be online more. Listening to these podcasts as I get ready for the day has been so great! I really feel more informed than ever, but not overwhelmed with information.

      I definitely used to see immigration as more of a black and white issue too, but have become more aware of the complexities lately. I’ve taken a class on Catholic social teaching too. I hate how polarizing people get in conversations about things like that, but think I’ll work on it a bit and post my thoughts later. Thanks for the resources you mentioned – I’ll check them out before posting!


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