No, Sam. I won’t stay with you.

The problem with many pop songs is that we listen to and sing them without thinking about what we’re saying. Let’s elaborate with a little story.

“Stay with me” (by Sam Smith” is a song that’s been on a LOT lately, and I have most certainly enjoyed singing it. Some of my favorite parts of the weeks I was still working were belting like crazy on the way home. Windows down, hair down, sunshine, and music blasting . . . much of the time it was country music, but I do listen to pop music. Except for the kind that makes me have a heart attack or is super graphic or gross.



We were singing this song or talking about it at home here, and my brother was like “Um, did you know that song is about a one night stand?”



I have been singing this song for weeks. How could I not know that?!?!?!

But it’s true. Apparently I never listened real well to the beginning of the song, because here’s what he says:


Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love ’cause I’m just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don’t want you to leave, will you hold my hand?

Oh, won’t you stay with me?
‘Cause you’re all I need
This ain’t love, it’s clear to see
But darling, stay with me

[Verse 2:]
Why am I so emotional?
No, it’s not a good look, gain some self-control
And deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me so it doesn’t hurt

So basically he’s “just a man” which justifies the one night stand because he “still needs love”. He knows he needs self control, but we all know that never works, so why won’t the girl do him a darned favor and stay with him?

Let me tell you why:

Because smart women who value themselves don’t stay with losers who lack self control.

Of course, smart women shouldn’t get into that kind of a relationship in the first place. Nothing good comes out of one night stands, so it’s honestly quite pointless. We’re made for love, yes. We do need love. And one could argue that love is all we need.

But one night stands are not love. They are, much of the time, the result of drugs or alcohol and other things which inhibit our sense of good judgement.

So, Sam. You do need love. We all do. I would just suggest you start looking for it in other places.

And folks, I would suggest that you take a peek at the lyrics of some of your favorite songs before you start belting them. Just a warning before you start belting awkward lyrics at a stop light 🙂

To Life,





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Books, Babies, Beliefs: blog swap with Bek!

Once upon a time Bek found my blog through Live Action and started commenting on almost every post. Naturally, I wondered who in the world this person is, so I checked out her blog and started commenting on almost every post (but she’s much better than me at that). We don’t really know how it started, but we’ve been exchanging long emails for months now. And when I say long, I mean we have beaten any previous record for email length which is sayin’ something. It has been so much fun talking about tons of things with a wonderful person who shares many of my passions and beliefs.

We decided to  do a blog swap, so we put together interview questions and both answered them all. Below are Bek’s answers, and mine are over on her blog! Please welcome Bek by commenting and visit her blog to check out my answers!


1. Introduce yourself! What’s something you want these readers to know about you? What’s your favorite color? Favorite book? Favorite animal? Secret talent?

Hey! I’m Bek, and I’ve been blogging for just over 5 years {wow, I feel old!}. Laura’s readers should know that I am an avid reader of books and blogs, that I’m a WhoLockian {you’ll get it if you get it}, and that I love Jesus a whole lot. My favorite color is hot pink. My favorite book rotates frequently and I usually have at least 4 favorites at any one time {current fiction faves: “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss, “Code Name: Verity” by Elizabeth Wein, and “UnWind” by Neal Shusterman}. My favorite animal is one that I don’t have to clean up after, and I’m definitely a dog fan over cats. A secret talent that you readers may not know is that I can crochet. I’m working on the Doctor Who scarf right now, and if you have requests, please let me know!

2. Bek and Laura are both involved in the pro-life movement. How did that start for you?

My sophomore year of high school, I took a worldview class that studied in-depth abortion and proponents’ arguments, and I learned about the violence being done to babies and their mothers. During that class, I went to a Lou Engle conference and participated in some LIFE sieges. In college, I would wear their bracelets and put the tape on my college laptop. After graduating, I started volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center. I can see myself directing a center in the future, and I know that the pro-life movement is making great strides for life! Some of my favorite organizations are Save the Storks, And Then There Were None, and Care Net {where I volunteer}.

3. If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Displaying gelato.jpg

Ice cream, hands down. That has to include gelato, of course, because reasons. 🙂 My favorite flavor of ice cream is choc chip cookie dough, and gelato is definitely hazelnut {tastes like Nutella!}.

4. Alright, break out the granola! Is there a hippie recipe or idea that you want to try but haven’t because you’re afraid of disaster/body odor/explosions?

Displaying deodorant.jpg

I’ve read of several different “make your own deodorant” recipes, but I am scared to go down that path, not gonna lie.

5. Bek and Laura have been learning about each other’s faith practices. What’s something you learned from the other person that surprised you?

I’ve been surprised by how tightly connected the Catholic community is! Making friends in different parishes, helping each other research theological questions, praying for one another – this is a fantastic community, and I never knew that!

6. If you could have a dinner party with any three guests, living or deceased, who would you invite?

Sir Winston Churchill, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Deborah, the judge from the Old Testament… and probably Jennifer Lawrence + Nicholas Hault, because she is my woman crush and he is my man crush…. I suck at limiting parties!

7. What is one of your favorite quotes?

Humorous: “I’m so happy I could scalp somebody” – Mark Twain, when his wife agreed to marry him
Inspirational: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

8. If you could have a super power for a day, what would it be?

Probably flying, so I could go visit all my friends around the world really easily.

9. What’s something really hard you’ve done?

I did ballet for 15 years, and pointe was really, really hard. Also, sharing a room with all three of my sisters was an adventure that was difficult at the time.

10. What’s something you’ve learned recently?

I’ve recently learned that friendships can be strong even over email 🙂 I’ve learned that it never hurts to ask. I’ve learned that Birdy’s albums are both incredible and can be listened to over and over.

11. If you had a choice, what would you want to be remembered for 250 years from now?

I’d want to be remembered for helping end abortion by offering practical solutions to crisis pregnancies.

12. What are some of your hopes & dreams for your future?

Just some? Okay, I’ll try and just share some: I want to live in a house with a wrap-around porch. I want to adopt children, both domestically and internationally. I want to see abortion outlawed in my nation and state {Washington state’s laws are stricter and older than Roe v. Wade}. I want to finish my doula certification and support laboring women have the birth they want. I want my future children to know and follow the Lord.

13. What would an awesome day consist of for you?

Sleeping in, reading, a chai latte, hanging with my friends and sisters, walking to the beach, a bonfire, and then no alarm set for the next morning!


Displaying biopic.jpg

Bek is a 25-year-old Washingtonian who loves Jesus, family and friends, chai lattes, books, and blogging {obviously!}. She writes about her faith, her funny life stories, and the fantastic adventures of becoming a certified doula. When Bek is not blogging, she’s reading, watching Doctor Who, and thinking up alliterations for blog posts.

Thanks for swapping blogs, Bek! It’s been so fun to chat with you.

To Life,



P.S. One last reminder to check out her blog!

Maybe she isn’t transgender: tomboys and kids in America


Image Via


You’ve seen the stories: a little boy, born completely male, likes pink and Barbies. Upon questioning from his parents, they come to the revelation that he feels like a girl so they decide that he’s actually a girl. And viola! The child’s identity has been completely changed.

I recently read a story just like that. They’ve always kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

While I know it’s true that there are people who are hermaphrodites and are born tansgendered, these stories seem different. The child seems to prefer things stereotypical of the opposite gender, and that leads the parents to believe they are identifying the child as the wrong gender.

Recently I read this story about a woman who grew up loving football, playing with sticks, hunting with her dad, and desperately wanting to be a boy. In every sense of gender norms in America, she was the son her father never had, like she jokes about. She loved the things many boys do but “[h]ad they told me that liking these things made me a boy, I would have concluded that I was a boy.” And now she a happily married mom.

Reading this article helped me articulate something about these stories. It’s not the family’s struggles that bother me. I’m sure many of their struggles are real, and am not here to tell them they were wrong. What I do want to say is this:

If your child was born a girl and likes “boy things”, that does not mean she is a boy. If your child was born a boy and likes “girl things”, that does not mean he is a girl. It just means they are their own person with unique preferences that may or may not meet the expectations we assign to their gender.

It’s funny to me because America is all about smashing gender norms nowadays. But if a child seems to step outside what we judge as normal gender boundaries, BAM! They are obviously supposed to be the other gender.

Well, that just doesn’t make sense.

We want girls to be CEO’s, and for men to stop hating on women. We want the phrase “like a girl” to be more positive, and for us to identify bossy girls as future leaders. We want to stop playing Russian Roulette with our children’s lives by assigning them a gender at birth. Basically, we want girls to be just like guys and for them to do the same exact things.

How are we doing that if a girl who likes sticks is automatically considered a boy?

America, we are failing our daughters if liking fishing makes them boys. And we are failing our sons if liking the color pink instead of blue makes them girls. Like Lindsay wrote:

“They just let me be me. They let me be a girl who wore jeans more often than skirts. They let me play with slingshots rather than princess wands. They didn’t conclude that I was gay, or transgender. They didn’t put me in a box that would shape my future, at the expense of my own free will.”

That’s pretty powerful. If we want to stop kids from being bullied and judged for their gender identity, then stop labeling them. Let’s play with kids no matter what their preferences are. Stop telling them “liking sticks makes you a boy” or “liking pink makes you a girl”, because it doesn’t.  It’s what makes them the unique person they were created as.

What do you think?

To Life,





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What makes you different

“I just wanted the world to see what I see. I wanted them to see purpose and value in her life, in anyone’s life, you know, no matter what the differences . . . “

So said the mom of happy little Pip – a little girl who recently won Happy Soul Project’s Indie88 Billboard contest. Her billboard features her with the words “What makes you different makes you beautiful”. And did I forget to mention? Pip has Down Syndrome.

People in special circumstances who beat the odds are inspiring to me, and kids who have Down Syndrome even more so, maybe because of my brother. This video makes me so happy!

I love how Pip’s mom talked about seeing purpose and value in peoples lives, not categorizing them or putting limitations on them because of a disability. Sure, having Down Syndrome does make life different. But we’re all given our crosses and we’re all a little different. This is part of the reason why big “coming out” hoopla kind of annoys me sometimes.

You see, your sexual orientation, disability, and/or talents are all part of who you are. Awesome! Hello brother or sister in Christ! As Christians we are called to love people not because of what they are (homosexual, artist, down syndrome) but because of who they are: a daughter or son of God.

So, focus on that. Show me who you are by the way you live your life. Give glory to God by using your talents and abilities for the common good. And please. If you go give a speech saying “Hey! Just wanted you to know I’m ‘different’ but yo! Don’t treat me like I’m different. I’m just like you!” don’t be shocked when people treat you differently.

Introduce yourself by name. Think of people by name, not by what they are. Something that really helped me focus on the good parts of people I may not be on awesome terms with is to think of them as a child of God. Yup. Ouch. It kind of puts it all in perspective. Like Pip’s mom said, she is Pip. She is a (super cute!) little girl and the things that make her unique make her the beautifully unique person she is.

We’ve all got quirks and some people like Pip are more ‘different’ than most, but like the billboard says: What makes you different makes you beautiful. Be who God created you as (his unique child with specific talents and problems), not the labels or ideas the world has assigned to you.

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World Down Syndrome Day 2014

Happy World Down Syndrome Day 🙂

Today is the day we celebrate people who are just like you and me, except that they have 3 of their #21 chromosomes instead of 2, which gives them down syndrome (3/21, get it?!). This day always makes me think of my brother Robert.

What I always hear from people who have family members who are rocking a 3rd 21st chromosome is that being part of simply loving them brings so much joy to their lives. For some reason God gave most people with down syndrome (as far as I’ve seen and heard) the ability to love others unconditionally, being totally unaware or accepting of their flaws.The rest of us? We probably have to work harder at it. It’s so beautiful to see families loving and embracing their children with down syndrome because it turns out that having down syndrome isn’t the end of the world. As you’ll see in these videos, it is a blessing to so many people.

IDSC’s 2014 Video

Dear Future Mom [of a baby with DS]

IDSC’s 2013 Video

IDSC’s 2012 Video

In America over 90% of parents who are told their unborn child has down syndrome choose abortion. Remember to always thank parents for choosing LIFE, even when it isn’t 100% what you were expecting. After all, none of our lives are really “normal” and you never know what amazing things a person – down syndrome or not – is going to with the gift of their life.

No free contraception? We’re all going to die!

Next week the supreme court will hear the case of Hobby Lobby vs. Sebelius, a case which could have a great impact on the direction of religious liberty in America. Here’s the official description of the issue:

“Whether the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA), 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000bb et seq., which provides that the government “shall not substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion” unless that burden is the least restrictive means to further a compelling governmental interest, allows a for-profit corporation to deny its employees the health coverage of contraceptives to which the employees are otherwise entitled by federal law, based on the religious objections of the corporation’s owners.”

Hobby Lobby owners object to the use of contraception based on their religious beliefs, and they don’t want to be part of providing them to people. Simple enough, right?

Turns out some people aren’t okay with their access to free birth control being taken away.

Oh no! Not my contraception!


No free contraception?!!?!?!?!?! It’s the end of the woooooooooooorld!

Sorry, this isn’t a funny issue 🙂 But how hard is it to understand that you’re not entitled to free contraception? Planned Parenthood is making a big deal about how this decision should be between you and your doctor, not your boss.

Their current cover photo on Facebook

But guess what? If companies chose to not cover contraception in their insurance plan, you are still perfectly free to march yourself down to Walmart or Walgreens and buy yourself a lovely device or carcinogen. Yay!

You see, eliminating contraception from insurance plans doesn’t mean you can’t use it. It just means you have to be a grown up and pay for it. That should be common sense. And guess what? Many people agree. here’s one woman’s take on it:

“Medical insurance is for emergency visits and check-ups, and most contraception isn’t a medical necessity or required to maintain your health. Just because something is costly doesn’t mean you can cry foul, try and deem it a right, and demand that someone else (the deep, endless pockets of corporations or other taxpayers) pays for it.”

We don’t get actual life-saving medical care for free (think blood pressure medication or diabetes treatment), so why should we get contraception (a purely elective medication/device which halts the natural function of your body) at no cost?

Riddle me that, Planned Parenthood.


Since beginning pro-life work, I have been amazed at the opportunities sent my way. Seriously. I have no way to describe the ways God has given me to exercise the gifts and talents he’s blessed me with.

After a sidewalk counseling training session at Benedictine College
After a sidewalk counseling training session at BC

If no one in my family supported my work, I’d still do it because I believe it’s right. If my friends teased me because of it (okay, sometimes they think it’s a little much 😉 ) I would still continue it because it’s right. If my college tried to silence my voice, I would still do pro-life work because it’s right. And I feel called to it. But the support I have has not threatened my work. It’s nearly blown my mind.

Sometimes I feel completely unworthy of the amazing people and opportunities I have been (and continue to be) given. Really, God? Who am I to be doing all this? I’m not anyone special. But then I remember that God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. And I continue this work because I feel called to it. It’s what I’m good at and passionate about.

March for Life 2014

This summer I am honored to have the opportunity to partner with RealOptions in a pro-life internship where I will be working with church and community leaders to build partnerships and to create awareness for the services of RealOptions: professional medical services, practical support for women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, prevention education for students, and post-abortion services. They are a fabulous life-affirming alternative to abortion, and I’m excited to work with them.

A wonderful family friend offered to help me set up a fundraising campaign to make this unpaid internship possible and to replace lost income.

If you’re able, I would be honored to have you join my work through your support. And if you’re not able to contribute personally, it would mean a great deal to me if you could share this campaign. You can do so by sharing this post, or by going to the campaign link and sharing from there on all forms of social media. Here’s the promotional video I made:

In just the past couple hours of this campaign being “live”, the support has been incredible. It moves me to see so many people supportive of my work. I’m almost in tears at this point because I can hardly believe the response. I don’t even know what to say except “thank you”. It’s so encouraging to see so many people supporting work that can be so hard sometimes.

Though I have to say, there are at least 10 joyful moments for every difficult one in this movement.

Laura with Abby Johnson, a pro-life inspiration, at the March for Life 2014
Meeting Abby Johnson at the March for Life 2014

Like early last Saturday when I had a beautiful conversation freezing outside an abortion clinic with a couple who was there for an abortion. They were hurting so much, and there were anti-abortion (not pro-life) people yelling at them. They told the boyfriend what a sinner he was and so on. The girlfriend came out crying and you could just see the pain. They were talking in the car for a while, and I smiled at them and waved.

They drove over and we talked right there in the driveway. They were so hurt by the people that were yelling, and I assured them that I believed in them and saw the greatness in them. They so appreciated that, and I gave them contact information for local free clinics to help them out. She told me was was 3 months along and I got excited and showed them the 12 week fetal model I carry in my pocket there. They were fascinated by it. No one ever told them about their baby. But I didn’t dwell on that. I listened to them express their concerns, and I did my best to let them know we cared about them. They ended up driving away without making a final decision, and I pray they know that people out there care.

That moment was so inspiring for me. Their eyes just said everything. They could see that we aren’t all haters out there to condemn. In what little time I had with them, I hope they know they are loved.

It’s when we take the time to love people that amazing things happen. I fail at it constantly, of course. We all do. But I cannot even put into words how incredible it is to be part of something so beautiful and human. That’s the heart of it, and the heart of all my pro-life work. It’s all about loving the person.

Your support means so much to me. Know that through it, you’re helping me to help make the world a better place. Stay tuned for updates on my work and how you can get involved!

Please visit this link to support my work and to share the campaign. Thank you!

Contact me or comment below with any questions.


Love says thou shalt not yell

If I had to chose the hardest part about being an active member of the pro-life movement, it would be the people who aren’t really pro-life. But others think they are.

Let me elaborate.

If you’ve been outside an abortion clinic, you’ve probably seen it: the people who stand there and yell crazy thing at people going in. Try to talk to them and they just start going off about how we’re heretics who worship Mary and or we’re not true Christians or something along those lines. Women who are already in crisis mode blast their ipods and huddle close to the boyfriend or mother who is bringing them in as they walk through the barrage of comments. “You’re going to hell!” the people on the sidewalk yell. And the women walk past. Right into the inviting arms of the clinic.

When the women are inside, the men stand there using a traffic cone as a megaphone and yell how the clients are violating each commandment. Oh, and the clinic workers? They let ’em have it too.

One time in the last few months we were outside praying when a boyfriend/husband/partner of a client inside came out for a smoke. The sidewalk is close enough to this particular clinic that you can talk to anyone and everyone outside. However, the man with his cone took the opportunity to condemn the father and elaborate how much of a sinner he was. And by golly, hell was most definitely in his future.

Encouraging, right?


I wanted so badly to go and talk to the father. Just ask him how he was. He was so obviously hurting. You could see it in his eyes. Who knows what circumstances led him and the mother of his child there? I could see that he was almost in tears while being verbally abused by this man with the cone. I wanted to intervene, but didn’t. It was so loud and the people who yell don’t listen to what we have to say. But to this day I feel so bad for the man who was out there smoking and pray he has found some peace.

Last time we were outside the clinic, the people who yell were in the middle of a conference (meaning they brought tons of people) and they filmed this video. Be warned, there is some language and graphic signs.

You know what strikes me?

There are people across the country who do this and they always claim to be bringing the gospel to people. But I don’t see that. Jesus ate dinner with sinners, healed, and forgave them. He met them where they were. These people who call themselves abortion abolitionists condemn people. They yell hateful things. There is no love visible to the world. Oh, AND last time we were there some of them were chatting and taking dance breaks outside the clinic.

Now I can’t judge what their motivation is. I know they want to end abortion. But I can’t help but recognize how their movement is centered around a righteous mentality of telling other people what to do.

Sure, stand there with a sign. Yell at people. That’s easy, folks.

You know what’s not easy?

Opening your heart to the clients going in. Putting your comfort on hold to stand in the snow and pray for people who are victims of abortion (the children, women who are coerced, and fathers who weren’t given a say). Getting up at o-dark-thirty on a Saturday morning to offer resources and alternatives to people going inside these clinics. Just being there and starting conversations is hard when you have people yelling nasty things around you.

But it’s important because parents need to know they have options. They need to be empowered with knowledge to be able to make an informed decision. They need to know they are people worthy of love, and that they can make a better life for themselves.

And you know what? Yelling doesn’t do that.

Yelling says “What you are doing is wrong and you are a sinner. You are a murderer. You are a terrible person. How can you do such a horrendous thing?”

But love says “I don’t know why you are here, but I know that you are hurting and need a shoulder to lean on. Let me love you by putting your needs first and taking the time out of my day to be with you and empower you to be the person you can be.”

Now you tell me. If you were a young mother or father facing a crisis moment and in total survival mode – which approach would you be more receptive to hearing?

Dear Feminists, I’m Sorry

Sometimes when I read an article I’m inspired. Other times I’m dumbfounded by America. And a couple times recently I read something that made me sad (which doesn’t happen too often).

To The Women Who Choose Not To Have Kids

“Thank you for not succumbing to the societal pressures. “

“Thank you for not trying to compromise who you are in an effort to keep a partner around.”

“So thank you. It’s not easy to stand firm with your belief. Honestly, truly, and genuinely: thank you.”

I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry

“Every time I hear someone say that feminism is about validating every choice a woman makes I have to fight back vomit.

Do people really think that a stay at home mom is really on equal footing with a woman who works and takes care of herself?”

“If women can do anything, why are we still content with applauding them for doing nothing?”

Feminism, right?

The rant about how this is not true feminism and how degrading it it for women who choose to have families and those who would like to but can’t could go on forever. But that’s not where this post is heading.

Instead I want to say how sorry I am for women who are so opposed to the notion of children (and married life in general) that they feel the desire to write things like this.

I’m sorry you perhaps have never experienced a joyful family environment. Most people who have could not possibly be so repulsed by families. If you have not experienced crazy dinner conversations that force you  to close the back door so neighbors don’t stare at you weird the next day, then I’m sorry. Especially if you come from a broken family, I’m sorry you missed out.

I’m sorry you find children so disturbing and burdensome. It’s occurred to me how most people probably don’t have experience with kids because families have two kids and then there aren’t more around until you have your own. I count it as a blessing to be part of a “large” family and to have all my babysitting experience gained throughout the years. It’s made me appreciate the sacrifice families make everyday to work together because in the end families are what holds this world together.

In the end, the choice to get married and have kids is yours. Not everyone is capable of being a good parent, so maybe that’s where you’re coming from. But please don’t hate on moms. Moms make so many sacrifices for their kids, and their work is harder than any office job. You try being on call 24/7, not sleeping, worrying about the future, and running a household and then tell me it’s a walk in the park. I don’t think so.

c/o jean smith photography
Such a burden, huh?

Now I don’t have much authority on the beauty of mother hood since obviously I’m young and not married or anything. But I’ve seen awesome families. And I’ve seen not-so-awesome families. But does that matter so much? When you get to the end of your life, I hardly imagine you’d prefer to lay on your deathbed gazing lovingly at the diplomas on the walls and the million emails you sent around to coworkers. How about having a loving family around you? People who have been there you whole life no matter what you do and the mistakes you made. Families are what holds us together when things go wrong, and they are the people who celebrate every milestone with you as well.

Families rock. And babies rock too.

If you’ve never experienced that, then I’m sorry. You’re missing out. I think it would be harder for you to hate children so much if you ever had the chance to love them.

February Challenge Day 5: A Movie Review

*WARNING: This post contains spoilers. *

Here’s the back ground: Apple (played by Vanessa Hudgens) grew up without her father and with her mother who was a drug addict (and had a partner who was abusive). The mother loved Apple to the extent of the welfare she received from her, though you can’t deny there was probably something deeper.

Apple got so fed up from being passed through the foster care system that she ran away to her father whom she had never met. She discovers he is married with the perfect two kids and working on Wall Street. Nice, right? Oh, and conveniently she’s pregnant at 16. Through a various series of events, she decides to keep the baby, but she doesn’t have a place to go.

Various acts of kindness from others land her at a women’s shelter for young mothers where she is able to learn to trust people for the first time. Apple grows in a big sisterhood powwow and there are lots of cute babies. The girls all come from diverse pasts, but are bound together with the tenacity they have and motivation they are given from their house mothers to become the person they dream of being.

It’s a story of Hope, really, which is the name Apple gives her daughter. That’s the underlying message. No matter what your past is, or what you’re faced with (unplanned babies, crazy mothers who stalk you, etc.), you can overcome your past. You are more than it. Apple proves that when she has Hope and makes a better life for her.

Kathy (Ann Dowd) praises Apple (Vanessa Hudgens) during her proudest moment… | See #GimmeShelter today:

When I first heard of the movie Gimme Shelter, it surprised me what big name actors were in this kind of a movie. With such a life-affirming message, why would they be part of it? Interestingly, it was not made or marketed as a specifically pro-life film, but it certainly gives off that message. It’s certainly no Hollywood-esque type film, but it’s real. It made me cry at more than one part.

And dude. The babies are really cute 🙂

Another cool thing about the movie? It’s a real story. The woman who started the shelter is Kathy DiFiore (pictured below) who has a big heart for women who just need to be loved in a time when so much is going on.

This picture is referenced in the movie.

I highly recommend seeing this movie not because it’s the next Hollywood hit, but because it’s a real story of hope. Life bring so much joy, despite the circumstances. It probably won’t be out in theaters for too much longer, so go see it soon! If you have already, what did you think?

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