Courage, dear heart

Courage Dear Heart by Laura at A Drop in the Ocean

Let’s be real, folks. Our world is a molten hot mess of depravity right now.

I’ve kind of wanted to go cry in a corner at various times over the last couple months and ignore the world. I did actually get off of the internet for a couple days because I had just had enough. It’s exhausting to see this all going on, and frustrating at times having little control to change it. Sometimes it feels like talking to a brick wall because the conversation has lulled. Either people have spoken their minds, or people choose to remain removed from the issue.

Now the waters seem to have settled after the initial shock. We’ve written about the Planned Parenthood videos and gay marriage being legalized, shared our disgust, and now mostly gone back to our everyday lives of getting by.

We have become accustomed to evil.

At the same time, we know this all is horrible.

But it’s also the norm.

So what in the world are we supposed to do?

If you think back to the holocaust or slavery or the civil rights movement – all social issues of their times – society didn’t change when people got sad. Society didn’t change because people found out about bad stuff happening. Plenty of people had to have known about those atrocities.

The world changed because a brave few had enough guts to stand up, expose evil, and demand the atrocity that was going on be stopped.

No one person is probably going to change the world (#RealityCheck). But what if instead of allowing ourselves to hide in a corner and go back to our ordinary lives, we let the gravity of this time sink in and radically change us?

What we if we actually decided that enough is enough?

That the truth we believe in is worth defending at all cost?

That our reputation doesn’t matter when it comes to defending the life and dignity of the vulnerable?

Now THAT would stir things up.

Many of us who believe in truth and morals are used to being the minority. Obviously. We expect to be told we’re wrong. We expect the media to misinterpret us and belittle us. We know our religious liberty is at stake. We know Christian morals are no longer the law of the land.

But you know what? We’re not victims here.

I am not a victim.

You are not a victim.

Certainly we’re affected by our life circumstances. But life is how we respond to whatever is thrown at us. Though we may want to hide in a corner sometimes, we can’t. Too much is at stake. And if we did, who would be changing the world?

I think we keep things quiet because we are more scared of standing up for ourselves than we are of bad things happening to other people.

And that just won’t do.

We are called out of comfort to stand witness to the beauty, truth, and goodness that is our faith. We are equipped by our Mother Church who gives us the foundation to articulate the dignity of life and love as God intended. We are called to profess the goodness of every human person, not to simply go on living our own isolated lives. Life is about more than our little lives.

In these moments when we tire of “the issues”, we have to remember that it’s not people we’re fighting. It’s principalities and evil (Ephesians 6:12). And God’s go our back, guys! It’s not just us against big, bad people who are out to get us. We are facing deep-seated evil, and moral relativism unlike the world has seen in a while. This is our opportunity to do more than talk, to substantially make changes in our communities and families to support the dignity of the human person.

This is where we show the world who we are.

This is where we have to radically put our trust God, because we cannot fight evil with our littleness. But love conquers all. Love has already won thousands of years ago on the cross. Do you believe that? Do you trust in him who created you for such a time as this? Because he created you for a purpose. Living at this time is part of the plan.

We have to trust HIM, because we cannot do this ourselves. It simply can’t be done. And that is frustrating. We are troubled because these atrocities are terrifying and we can’t control everything going on. But we can rest peacefully knowing God has it under control.

If we allow God to use us to create a better world, and give him all of our weaknesses to transform, there’s no telling what he will do through us.

As Aslan would say, take courage, dear heart. You are on the side of love and life. You belong to a people of God that evil is in the midst of a reckoning with. The battle is rough and the soldiers are few. But we are mighty. We serve God who loves and equips each of his children for the purpose we were created for. And spoiler: truth always wins.

To Life,


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Photo courtesy of Lori Branham on Flickr and is used in accord with it’s license without necessarily representing the views of the photographer.

Daring to face the giant

How dare she sit there eating salad and sipping wine while nonchalantly talking about crushing babies?

I don’t know how someone could be so callous. 

She’s going to rot in hell for everything she’s done. Good. She deserves it.

These, and worse, are what I’ve heard many people say about Dr. Nucatola – Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services – recently pictured in a viral video. The video shows her talking over dinner about Planned Parenthood’s practice of passing body parts of aborted babies on to mediator-type organizations which then transfer them to medical research labs.

The video revealed a horrifying practice especially to those who had never heard about this before.

But it’s interesting to see how people respond.

Many people are incredulous at how an organization can do such a thing. They take their anger and disgust out on this woman. The anger and disgust is understandable, but personally attacking this woman does not help. Because guess what…

We ask how dare she do this. How dare she abort babies and crush skulls and manipulate how abortions are done to produce prime body parts?

Yes, how dare she.

But how dare we neglect to stop this. How dare we stop talking about it. How dare we go on with our daily lives as if nothing is different. How dare we avoid big topics in order to continue our comfortable lives?

Jenny’s post on this topic resonated with me because like her, this news did not surprise me. I have heard about this before. It did not emotionally jar me or make me cry. It did not break my heart.

And that disgusts me.

I am so used to hearing about attacks on human dignity and life. I am so used to people not being valued. I am so used to hearing about people being killed that it doesn’t phase me anymore. Don’t even ask me to watch a horror movie or go in a haunted house. But babies being ripped apart? Yeah, that’s happening. People being beheaded? Oh yeah, that ISIS thing has been going on for a while.


As someone who talks about the dignity of every single unrepeatable life, how do these stories not have a huge impact on me? How am I not sobbing at the thought of innocent lives being literally ripped apart?

You know, I don’t have a great answer. But I GET what Jenny said:

When I was younger I used to wonder about the German people and why nobody tried to get out ahead of Hitler, how an entire nation could have fallen under his evil spell.

Now I know. Now I see, firsthand, that none of us are immune to the horrors of our day. And that as the temperature rises, the frog slowly cooks, oblivious to his own imminent peril as the mercury creeps ever upward. And that at a certain point the human mind, when confronted with such appalling and obvious wickedness, shuts down or short circuits in cowardice or fear or apathy or, or, or …

I get it. I am so used to evil that it’s the norm.

I am the reason we still have abortion.

We all are.

Because we’re used to it and don’t fight it anymore. We accept that we’ve lost before the battle is over.

God, save us from our own blind selves. And renew in us the conviction to bring your light to a horribly fallen world. If we don’t speak up, nobody will. 

Time to buckle up, friends. We’re in this war for the long haul. There is a giant Goliath of evil looming around us. But I have good news, and a bit of a spoiler: love, life, and truth ALWAYS win.

To Life,





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Pro-lifers are prettier

And I’m not saying we’re more fashionable or do our make-up better. I’m talking about a deeper look at how our inner convictions change the way we live.

This came up because of what has been happening in TX with HB2 being passed. Someone posted on Facebook that “Only Prettier” by Miranda Lambert should be the theme song for Texan pro-lifers. So true, huh? The difference between pro-lifers and abortion supporters in TX is astounding, and let’s just say our presentation was quite a bit prettier. When abortion supporters felt their “right” to abortion past 20 weeks being pulled away, it got pretty ugly. Let me illustrate.

Some of the following images may not be suitable for all audiences. Proceed with caution.

abortion supporters sang this song parody…alrightie then


The mob with their classy hanger….with Cecile Richards mother watching
abortion supporter being arrested, note the red paint
the old slogan
I feel sorry for this little boy
another arrest
Standing with Wendy
Picking up a thrown tampon…
How friendly….and quite a creative idea for decoration
another arrest (she had chained herself to the railing)

Add to that the reports of abortion supporters bringing jars of poop, guns, and maxi pads filled with glitter. Not to mention all the signs filled with profanity I’ve purposefully neglected to post here. This is FAR from the worst. Now let me share with you pictures of pro-lifers at the capitol.



former Planned Parenthood workers
Little Josie was born at just 25 weeks
pro-life ladies
more pro-life ladies

more praying

Take a look back on those pictures if you need to. What struck me is how drastically different these groups of people are, separated simply by their views on abortion. Pro-lifers were peaceful for the most part, as abortion supporters chanted “Hail Satan” and spat on them. It’s striking what a difference you can see in just the facial expressions. How terrible is it that such an issue cases people to act so terribly! But in the end, it was an incredible opportunity for pro-lifers to be a witness to the fact that the truth doesn’t need to be shouted and thrown at people packaged up in maxi pads.

Take a moment to reflect on this and then ask yourself: Aren’t pro-lifers prettier?

Sometimes you just gotta carry on


Disclaimer: I’ve never actually done this.

Sometimes I wonder where our society is heading. Like seriously…there have been so many things recently that are kind of putting a damper on my life (more so than a gloomy day *GASP*). For example:

  • The whole DOMA & Prop 8 thing
  • SB5 being filibustered out of voting
  • Wendy Davis being celebrated as a hero
  • That priest who was martyred in Syria
  • …and so much more

I read about so many terrible things happening, and hear so much crap about what’s going on. And it gets to me. I’ve actually gotten so used to hearing it that it doesn’t surprise me anymore when I hear about the latest thing being praised by the media. Gay “marriage”? Yup. Abortion on demand? Yes sir-ee. Murdering babies who survive abortion? WHOO-HOO! Would you puh-lease sign me up ASAP?!?!?!

The list could go on forever, but you get the point.

How can anyone not recognize the humanity of the unborn, especially those old enough to survive outside the womb? Beats me. I mean, science tells you they’re human. Ultrasounds show it. But oh-me-oh-my, we are just too smart to go by that, huh?

Have you ever seen those stories of those precious teeny-tiny babies born around 21 or so weeks? They fight for their lives and beat the odds. AMAZING! And did you hear those stories about babies born around the same gestational age during a failed abortion? They were murdered and beheaded, and isn’t that just fab-U-lous?!?!?! Wendy Davis sure thinks so. But I digress.

I’m saying this simply because I’m sick and tired (Bill Cosby says those always have to go together) of people accepting the idea that murder is okay. It’s not. And that’s why I’m going to keep working in this battle that we’re really kinda, sorta, totally getting the upper hand on. I can tell because many of the abortion supporters in TX right now are carrying signs of women’s reproductive parts with swear words on them (which, BTW, that one picture I saw totally looked like a volcano – we might be better artists too). That’s what happens when they don’t get their way. Swearing and yelling, and Cecile Richards sneering at you when you say “God Bless you”. Oh hey, I wonder if she sneered at Obama when he said “God bless Planned Parenthood”. I dunno.

What I do know is that I’m not going away any time soon. As much as I get tired of hearing these things, they really need to be heard. They need to be talked about more, and thought more deeply about. People need to know what’s going on in the world and for crying out loud, DO something about it! That’s why I’m working at pregnancy centers and continuing to write here. It makes a difference. And we all need to do our part in this battle with crazy-pants over there who needs to sit down and talk logic and science. I say, bring it.

And you know all those babies I’ve seen coming into the centers I’m working at? (Just kidding, you don’t, I haven’t mentioned them.) They’re really cute. Guess what else? They wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for people who fight every day for them. That pretty much makes it all worth it in the end.

Carry on, good soldiers.

Planned Parenthood & Gosnell

On hearing the guilty verdict in the Gosnell case, Planned Parenthood released a statement saying:

“The jury has punished Kermit Gosnell for his appalling crimes. This verdict will ensure that no woman is victimized by Kermit Gosnell ever again.

“This case has made clear that we must have and enforce laws that protect access to safe and legal abortion, and we must reject misguided laws that would limit women’s options and force them to seek treatment from criminals like Kermit Gosnell.”

Because babies don’t matter to Planned Parenthood. They referred women to Gosnell’s clinic, and advocate for after-birth abortion. This evil is slowly beginning to be exposed. Justice will be served.