Walk for Life: Stay Tuned!

How incredible it is to be a part of this pro-life movement! I am so thankful to be fighting for life as we draw closer and closer to the day when abortion will be abolished in our country. Today was the 8th Annual Walk for Life West Coast, and it was absolutely wonderful. We heard from many people who gave their abortion testimonies, which were a reminder of why we are here in the movement for life. We’re here because ALL life is important, and ALL life deserves to be protected and defended from conception until natural death.  

Check back over the next couple days for more information on how the walk went, and how YOU can help abolish abortion. I have many pictures and insights to share! 
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One thought on “Walk for Life: Stay Tuned!

  1. Love the blog. The new look is fabulous! Looking forward to keeping up with you online via your blog and Facebook. You might need to come out to Texas to see us one day to do pro-life stuff…we just found out recently that Abby Johnson lives in Round Rock, TX too! 🙂


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