What do you mean by "choice"?

Is this what “choice” looks like?

Today is the 39th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade supreme court decision that made abortion legal in America. The decision was passed because it was determined that under our constitution, we are entitled to a right to privacy, which includes the right to make a private decision to have an abortion. Well, I just went through the constitution, and didn’t see anything sayin’ we have a right to make private medical decisions about abortions. So yeah…I need to go ask George Washington if I missed a line or something here. Check it out for yourself, and let me know if you see something saying we have a right to make the private medical decision to have an abortion.

39 years later, we have the pro-life and pro-“choice” sides of the abortion debate. Pro-lifers fight for the right to life for all people from conception until natural death. Pro-choicers fight for a woman’s right to control her body using abortion, and contraception.

I see comments all the time about this “choice” to have an abortion, but I ask you: What do you mean by choice?

Do you mean the choice to end your child’s life? Do you mean the choice to hurt your own body and put your life in danger? Do you mean the choice to deprive your partner of his fatherhood? Do you mean the choice to kill?

What does this choice to have an abortion do? Take a look at this. (Warning: link contain graphic images). Is that what “choice” looks like?

Now you’re probably thinking “Laura, this is a silly question. By ‘choice’ I mean the right to choose what to do with my own body!” But think a little deeper. What does this choice do? What are you fighting for if you fight for this choice? Regardless of which side you identify with, think about it for a minute, then answer me this:

What do you mean by choice? 

3 thoughts on “What do you mean by "choice"?

  1. Do you mean the choice to end your child's life? Yup.Do you mean the choice to hurt your own body and put your life in danger? No, no pregnancy and childbirth, kthx.Do you mean the choice to deprive your partner of his fatherhood? Yup.Do you mean the choice to kill?Yup."What do you mean by choice?"Bodily autonomy whatever it costs, including killing intruders. Intruders = rapists, unwanted fetuses, ppl who steal kidneys for black market…


  2. So you believe that killing intruders is okay, and you believe a baby is an intruder in a woman's body. The definition of "intrude" is to "Put oneself deliberately into a place or situation where one is unwelcome or uninvited." Babies do not deliberately put themselves into their mother's wombs, they are created by their parents and thus are not intruding. Now how can we justify killing an innocent person? I wrote a post on this called "Don't be a party crasher" – you should check it out! God Bless,Laura


  3. @ Anonymous. Wow. I guess you should get a gold star for being more honest and forthcoming about your beliefs than many of your comrades on the pro-abortion side, but I don't understand what you've said here. Your comments were quite shocking. You equated a small, innocent baby that never asked to be created to a rapist and to someone who steals kidneys to sell on the black market! Seriously!?? You also said that it's okay to kill an innocent child due to "bodily autonomy". When you're talking about the bodies of TWO separate individuals, how can "bodily autonomy" even come into play? Just as a newborn baby depends on its mother to feed, clothe, protect and comfort it, the baby in the womb needs it's mother to survive. Please understand that the baby in the womb is not a stranger, a pesky neighbor, a lying politician, an annoying salesman, the GEICO lizard, or anything freaky, scary or uncouth. This is a B-A-B-Y we're talking about. This is the mother's own flesh and blood. Her very own son or daughter. This child will likely have the mother's traits and characteristics, dimples, facial expressions, allergies to milk and love of the Beatles. At the moment of conception, the mother and baby are a part of each other. They are connected. Lift up your shirt and look and your navel. YOU were connected to your mom like that once too. Nothing anyone can say or do is going to change that. The "choice" comes down to this: To rip a baby apart. Tear the arms off. Smash the skull. Burn them alive in the womb. Murder them and throw them away in the garbage. To all our detriment, the modern feminist movement has turned into something angry, gory and unrecognizable from the days of Susan B. Anthony and women's suffrage. Those women fought for equal rights. Not the right to be a monster. This isn't the same as a woman having her leg caught in a bear trap and she has no other choice but to gnaw her own leg off. Ironically, the pro-abortion people can't see that a baby has ever done a woman any good and will say so all day. But the truth is that each of those angry misguided ladies were once helpless babies too and depended on their mother for their bodily needs, their education and for the right to rebel against true feminism and the perpetuation of the human race. And for their VOICE when no one else could speak for them. The idea that "choice" is another other than cold-blooded murder of the worst kind is insanity. I noticed that in the end you resorted to calling the baby an "unwanted fetus". After saying "Do you mean the choice to end your child's life? Yup." and admitting the swimming little babe is actually a CHILD, you had to back peddle and resort to the lame "fetus" label, which by the way, is Latin for "young one". It doesn't mean "potential human", "blob of cells", "uterine tissue" or any such nonsense. It means young one. You were a fetus once too!I encourage you to do a search online for a couple of things: 1)Pictures and videos of abortion. You'll be horrified. This is half of the whole picture of the misery of abortion and the choice you advocate. 2) The second part is what abortion and "choice" does to destroy the mother who becomes the second victim. Please look up the Silent No More organization. They are women who have had an abortion (or many abortions) and they share their stories of their "choice" to have an abortion and the physical, mental and emotional trauma they experienced afterward. Abortion is not a choice. It's a cop out. It maims women and kills their babies. As a civilized society, we can do better to solve our problems than resort to murder.


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