Agreeing to Disagree

Ever participated in a discussion which ended with the other person saying “Well, I guess we agree to disagree”? I have. Many times. And it really bugs me.

The conversations were all the same: I posted something (article, graphic, status), the person commented on it, we talked, they couldn’t refute what I said, then they ended the conversation by saying “I guess we agree to disagree.”

Funny thing? I never agreed to disagree. I simply stated my opinion on something. By commenting and starting a discussion, people invite me to explain my point of view and listen to theirs. When things get a little more intense, however, people tend to shy away and just shut the conversation down when they don’t know what to say. Why? I think people do this because there’s nothing else to do. If you don’t have statistics and facts backing your point of view up, it’s pretty hard to support your argument for long. You can only repeat rhetoric the media tells you for so long.

When you get to that point in a conversation where you realize things are getting intense, a decision has to be made: Will you continue to support your opinion which has been proven to be flawed? Will you take your new-found information and re-evaluate your position? Or will you shut logic and facts out of your mind and cut off the conversation? To me, shutting down the conversation is a sure sign of weakness in your argument. If you can’t support your position, either you don’t know enough about what you’re saying, or what you’re saying is wrong.

If you get into a conversation and it looks like you might not be right, have the character to admit you might be wrong. However, when you get into a discussion about something you have a strong opinion about (abortion or gay marriage for example) and do have facts and logic to back you up, don’t falter. Show the truth.

“Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. Let all you do be done in love.” ~ 1 Corinthians 16:13 – 14

Have you ever gotten into a conversation like this? Tell me about it!


2 thoughts on “Agreeing to Disagree

  1. Finally someone calls this out!! For me, it either ends this way, or with the person becoming angry and spewing hatred and foul language all over the place, on a variety of issues. It’s sad how people won’t even try to hear others out. I strive to listen and hear everyone out and read anything they provide, but if what the pull up as ‘fact’ isn’t in fact ‘factual’ or just doesn’t seem from a trustworthy source (“wikipedia, really?”) I find it rather hard to take their stance at their word.


  2. You are an amazing young woman that God is using in mighty ways! He has given you the strength and character to arm yourself well in the “battle” you have chosen. Your way with words is inspiring-I can’t wait to see what comes of you in and after your college years! I have a feeling you will be involved in big changes this country is desperate for. Get ready, girl. The battle is on! Praying for you in Sparks, NV


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