Overpopulation: Myth or Fact?

I apologize that I have not been posting in-depth articles recently. I really shouldn’t be apologizing, but oh well. Life happens. Today I wrote two papers, started an awesome FOCUS Bible study, went to a talk, saw a beautiful sunset, went to Mass, and ate chocolate, among many other things like classes.Did I mention I have a test tomorrow, and two next week? As you can tell, I’ve been swept into college and am loving it – thus the short posts. I have some thought-provoking posts coming up, though, so don’t despair! In the meantime, enjoy this short video about how overpopulation!

2 thoughts on “Overpopulation: Myth or Fact?

  1. This video isn’t accurate. Right now, we have a global population growth of roughly 80 million people per year. That is a population growth equal to the population of Seattle every seven days. Right now, due to overpopulation, there we’re using our natural resources at a rate of 22% beyond what the Earth can sustain.


    1. While it may be true that the worldwide population grows by the size of Seattle every week (which I’d need proof to believe), does that really mean the world will soon be overridden by people without resources for them? I don’t think so.

      Many countries such as Russia and India are facing huge issues where their birthrates are getting lower and lower. They are now below replacement level, which brings on a multitude of issues including an extremely high ratio of elderly citizens with not enough younger ones to care for them. What are your thoughts on situations like that?

      This is an interesting article on the topic: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/13/opinion/brooks-the-fertility-implosion.html?_r=0


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