A New Logo, A new Dawn?

There are times when I wonder what God is thinking about America right now. Is He sitting back and watching the atrocities in our nation unfold? Is He cringing as our country sways farther and farther from the greatness within our reach?

I think He’s waiting. He is waiting for us to reach out to Him as His children. Our country is at a turning point with the upcoming election, and as this nation’s future looms in the distance, we need to get down on our knees and beg God to give us the grace to overcome Obama. We can’t just pray, though. As we’re told in James 2:17

“Faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”

Yes, if you just pray about something, and don’t actually DO anything about it, your prayers have not gone far. We have a huge responsibility as people with consciences to vote, because our country does not need four more years of Obama. Not only do we not need him, we need to not have him as our president. He’s done scary things in the last four years, and I can’t imagine where we could end up if he has another four years in office.

Get this. Obama is selling merchandise with this new logo on it (which is what promoted me to write this).What do you think of this logo?

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