7 Quick Takes – Vol. 5


— 1 —

Happy Palm Sunday! Here’s a link to how to make a palm leaf cross. This will be my first Easter away from home, and it’ll be weird without all the family traditions. But I’m still going to watch the Passion, do Stations of the Cross, and lots of other stuff. We have Thursday – Monday off, so I’m looking forward to a nice little break. Yay for half weeks of school!

— 2 —

I have a cold. Well, at least my nose and throat are weird – I never really get very sick. Anyway, it’s snowed a bunch in the last couple days too. What did this call for? An afternoon date with my comfy bed, my kleenex box, and lovely blogs to catch up with (not to mention my mug of hot chocolate)!

— 3 —

Chocolate is delicious. Thank goodness for Sundays in Lent. Speaking of chocolate, I saw this on Pinterest today. If someone wants to mail that to me sometime, that would just lovely 🙂

The most AMAZING chocolate cake ever... chocolate cake mix with mini chocolate chips, sour cream, and pudding mix added...

— 4 —

Speaking of Pinterest….I found this painting called “Grandma’s Smile” on it last Sunday. So precious!

"Grandma's Smile" -- Daniel F. Gerhartz, as seen at Art Renewal Center.

— 5 —

Last night I went to a new talk by Sarah Swafford. Dude. Every girl needs to hear what she has to say! Check out her website for more info, and pass it on to the young girls in your life! I am so excited for the book she’s writing which should be out in November. She focuses on emotional virtue (Never heard of it? Look at her site!), true beauty, and just awesome girl stuff from the perspective of a ‘big sister’ who’s been there. The book will be available for bulk orders for $3 each, AND they’re writing a study guide so girls can read it together. I am so pumped and want to lead a study next summer!

— 6 —

Now, that I’m getting to the end of these, I’m remembering that I need to go finish up an assignment for tomorrow. For my political science class, we’ve been talking about the economy, and how 60% of Americans hold only 5% of the wealth in the U.S. Isn’t that an insane statistic? We all had to write about if, in light of that number, we think the “American Dream” is possible. I may be an idealistic teenager, but I firmly believe it’s possible. If you work hard and use your God-given talents, there’s no telling what can happen.

— 7 —

And now, enjoy a laugh as you look forward to another Monday. Click on the picture below for hilarious reviews for this recipe for ice cubes….

Recipe for Ice Cubes... Read the comments, they are RIDICULOUS!!!! HAhahahaha

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