On My Bookshelf: Choosing Joy



Welcome to On My Bookshelf – my blog series where I bring my bookshelf to your computer! Something I’ve learned at Benedictine is that we should be lifelong learners. That’s why I started this series: to encourage you to be a lifelong learner through reading. Each post is in a question & answer format and will provide a link to the item on Amazon. All OMB posts can be found on the page to the left. Enjoy!

Choosing Joy
By Dan Lord
Published by Our Sunday Visitor in November 2012
133 pages

Why did you pick up this book?

Because joy is awesome. Who doesn’t want to be happy? I was interested in reading this new book because it talked about living a fully Christian life – something that sounded religiously intriguing (if that makes sense).

What topic(s) does this book deal with?

Joy: what joy is (hint: joy is not equal to happiness), the theological foundation of joy, and how we can work toward living joyful lives in union with God.

What was your favorite part of this book?

The short and to-the-point second paragraph on page  84.

What style is this book written in?

This book is fairly informally written, but also has deep theological portions.

How readable is this book?

This book is extremely readable: certainly not just another ‘boring’ book about Jesus. It’s an encouraging quick read I need to read a couple more times to fully grasp each concept. I read it in a few sittings, but put it down for a while between them. Real-life stories keep you interested as the author explores the concept of joy.

Where can I get this book?

Click on the link below to purchase this book on Amazon!

Choosing Joy: The Secret of Living a Fully Christian Life

Since I am an Amazon Associate, I will receive a small percentage of your purchase value if you use this link. I would very much appreciate if you did so that I can more easily bring new books to my bookshelf and to your computer. Thank you!

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